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Ruby and Tango
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Saturday, 9 October 2010

Changing background

I'm being very cheeky here and doing a 'clever clogs' but at the risk of telling you what you possibly  already know, here goes.   A couple of people have asked about my background and how /where did I get it, well it's easy
click .design on your dashboard - below that tab click template designer - click background - it will show you your current background - click on little down arrow at the side and it will open with a list of designs, the one I'm using is from 'patterns'  when you see what you like click on it , it will show on your blog and then you can apply it after previewing it. 


  1. OoooH, look at you! Good job, Arlene!

  2. Hey Arlene, wish I lived closer, so I could come over for a slice of that fresh bread. :-)
    Glad you like my blog here. Have yourself a great weekend.

  3. Hey Arlene, you've done a great job on your new blog, looks great.

  4. oooh..Lovely..and put Johnny down right now...
    tsk.tsk I go away for a few days and ... I know he likes fresh baked bread but at this rate he'll be twice the size (and more to grab hold of eh?..) totally sidetracked..I've been fiddling about under the bonnet at Wordpress .(as you guessed)..but I will update here soon..I promise..Fancy a Dragon story? Posted on WP but I will post it here.. (did you know you could leave comments on your friends who're at WP too? Very inter-whatsit!!) xPenx
    Bess's barking(mad)at me for ignoring her, so off I go... love and kisses to Tango!!

  5. and look-see...I can post two comments , almost simultaneously...(Say that without moving your lips!!)..Love the theme Arlene, and Love 'In a Dogs Eyes' >> it's so, so true.. <<
    bye for now...and don't do anything I wouldn't.Hmm?...Penx

  6. Oh I love my friends on here, I will come back to you all this evening, as the weather is soooooo beautiful to-day I must go and cut the lawns and tidy up the garden, plus I have apainting I really must finsih, it's Barney, yes, I've been doing him for ages, spending far to much time fiddling [not the only one Pen] on here, bye for now

  7. You clever little thing Arelene I am just about to give up on WP. Every time I go to sign in my password is a no go'er.. if you get my drift. What I have changed it 5 times already.
    Yes it is a lovely day enjoy it while you can you never know what winter holds for us all. When you have fin your painting do give us a look won't you. Enjoy xx

  8. sorry Arlene spelt your name wrong x

  9. I managed to get the lawns done and tidied up took a couple, well a few photos of the 'before and after' garen I'll put them up before I go to bed, Another late night I think.
    Loved the dragon Pen and left a comment, also thanks for comment on Dog's eyes' your the first to comment on that. it's Barney's eyes, he has a sad look about them , he was a rescue so who knows what's behind them?
    Horst, maybe I could send you a nice home baked sandwich through cyber space, what do you reckon.?What's youir filling?
    And thanks Chip for compliment.

  10. Thanks Arlene
    Love your garden can't wait to get back to all the green
    I have still not found an easy way to answer any comments left, i seem to have to come out of my blog and go into the person who left the message blog as i have just done with you
    I am off to have a look at backgrounds now
    Lo xxx


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