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Ruby and Tango
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Friday, 19 January 2018

A chapter closes in my life

Hard to write this one, but in November last year I said goodbye to my beloved dogs and faithful companions. Zac had been going downhill for some time Just getting old, but by Jove that old beggar clung to life , I'd like to think he just thought it was too sweet here with me, , But one day he just couldn't get up on his feet after collapsing on his walk, as I knew it would happen, I got help getting him into the car and called the vet , She came next day at 3pm 29th November and he was PTS in my arms.
I took Ruby for a short walk to the bottom of the drive and she stood and looked round at the patch of grass there, as if to say, where is he , I took her back home and she took to her bed and wouldn't get up, she wouldn't eat nor drink, and just went into a decline, I had to phone the vet next morning , she came at 10am, and she was so shocked how quickly Ruby went, though she too was aging , they were both 15.1/2 years, She was put to sleep in my arms 30th November , a large piece of my heart broke in that two days and will never really heal,
Bless you my two sweet dear friends, you were such wonderful companions and a credit to your breed, though if they were human, you'd want them as your best friends.  Sleep well till we meet again with all my other babies.

A kindly face a gentle eye, a paw with softest touch
A loyalty without question and never asks for much
An unwavering wish to please, your slightest whim
The kindest creatures on the earth that our good lord has made.
All dogs on earth are special of that we can't deny
But collies seem to have that gift, that money just can't buy

Author Arlene Phillips 2018

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A draft post from the past

Hi, had a nice walk this morning, the weather is anything but 'nice' but if you keep moving it's not too bad, it's damp, grey and chilly in a damp way, so you have to keep moving, at least it's not raining.

I let Zak off the lead yesterday and he was just perfect, didn't stray or bother other dogs, his biggest vice though is Bunny poo, he just loves it and believe me there's plenty around here. Gotta stop it.

He likes to get up on the chairs, afraid it's a no-no in my house, though I'd let him perch on my kitchen chair, though I sit in it most of the day., as I'm doing now, so he'll have to be content to lie on his bedding on the floor.

His food is not a problem now, hopefully it's been resolved. but he does like to beg at the table, he'll soon get fed up of that, as I don't give in.

Ruby got a couple of new coats this week, one a nice fleece to keep her warm the other waterproof and nicely lined for wet weather, she had on her fleece to-day.  I took a couple of photos of Zak and her on the beach walk on my new phone, but , damn it I can't upload them to my computer, I need a memory card, I can't even see where it's supposed to go, so I'll have to fish out the instruction booklet and see what I can find out. what a pain.

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Tuesday, 7 February 2017

A change in the weather

Today has been about the nicest day this year, sunny, still a chill in the air, but bearable, i got washing on the line and even managed some gardening, a good start as it all comes in a rush when the weather changes for the better. , though we have been warned it will get very cold near the end of the week.
Winter would be OK if it wasn't for the weather.
Sorry but we Brits seem t be obsessed by it, , probably because there's so much of it. LOL
I have a few snowdrops blooming, not much but they try and give me a show every year. I have some Hellebore [Christmas Roses] I thought I'd lost them , but I see they have shot up through their protective covering, and have a couple of buds. pleased about that.
I saw two long tailed tits in my garden to-day, the first for a couple of years, lovely, such dainty little birds, they were feeding on the fat balls, so I must remember to keep them replenished.
It's getting close to my grandson's wedding, i must get out and look for an outfit.
Thank you for visiting and please come back, Arlene, Tango and Ruby.
Went to our dance club last night, and my friend pointed out I had some smears of yellow on my face, she thought I'd been painting, but I realized it was traces of the Turmeric I'd been cooking up for Zac to help his arthritis, my nails are stained sulphur yellow with it too.
I think I've rambled on long enough, gotta save something for next time, Have a good week folks.

Is anyone out there?

Just wondering just who is out there, never mind i'll still ramble on. The weather has turned a bit colder though dryer , don't know which is worse, hat the cold but that damp drippy weather was beginning to do my head in, Constantly having towels down for the dogs wet feet and trying to dry their wet coats after a walk was beginning to feel like a penance, probably was as I was a bu**er when I was younger.
Poor old Zac is struggling a bit again, his breathing is a bit laboured and he's toppling sideways a bit oftener. but he soldiers on. Ruby just goes on in her own quiet inoffensive way.
Was at my older daughter for lunch today, a lovely fish pie and then bread and butter pud, for tea, we had toasted tea cake and home made sponge, just the ticket.
Went to pictures yesterday afternoon to see La La Land , yes it was a bit lalaland, after a boring and pointless start it got going quite well and the ending was a surprise, really don't see how it got so many awards, but each to his own.
I've just been watching Countryfile on TV, it was showing the murmurations of  starlings, writing their symphony across the sky, absolutely pure magic, beats  man made films any day.
I didn't sleep too well last night and it's catching up with me now, yawning my head off and it's only 7.30pm. oh well,  I'll close now as  Call the Midwife is on shortly, Have a good week.  and thanks for reading. [I wish]

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Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Young girl's tale...................conclusion [I think]

A few years ago I posted up my life story, called ‘ The young girl’s tale.’  well here I am at 1 am feeling the need to bring it up to date, as there have been several interesting things happen in the past six months.

   I had an email pop into my inbox two or three times which I dismissed as spam without opening as I didn’t recognise the sender.  I then  had one from my grand-daughter’s husband telling me that a certain lady was trying to contact me., it turned out to be the one who had been mailing.     I retraced back onto the originals and it asked what connection I had with Edith Masters as it was her mother…………… After several sensitive and probing questions it turns out that it was my half sister,  Linda.   I had been traced through an ancestry programme which my grandson  in law  had been filling in details.

We had a lengthy phone call and I was filled in with a few details of the past.

I also , through Face Book, had connections with other members of my ‘’other’’ family of whom I knew nothing.      It was quite exciting  yet strange and a feeling of un-realness  about it.    My daughters were quite intrigued by it  especially after all these years.    It seems life with Edith and Louis was not all a bed of roses, and there had been many unfortunate happenings throughout the years.

We corresponded for a while but then it started to fade a bit, and now it has become almost nil.

How do I feel about it all ? to be honest I don’t really know, it’s as though it never happened, as so many years have passed and so much has happened in all of our lives we are as strangers, yet surely there must be a bond somewhere.  I’m not sure if whether or not  I  regret it opening up .

One  family member has kept in touch a bit more and seems to want to continue to keep in touch, but even that is spasmodic.

I feel it has all been part of a dream which is now  all fading back into the past from where it came from .. in a way I feel quite happy that I have found them, albeit for a short time, as it seems to have filled a void that was always there. ,though a bit sad that it has been so many years missed out of our lives.  But  it can never take the place of my family I have now , my beloved girls , grandchildren and great grandchildren.

But If any of you wish to keep in touch again, please do so , as I’d hate to think it has all been just a touch of ‘’ships passing in the night’’

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