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Ruby and Tango
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Friday, 19 January 2018

A chapter closes in my life

Hard to write this one, but in November last year I said goodbye to my beloved dogs and faithful companions. Zac had been going downhill for some time Just getting old, but by Jove that old beggar clung to life , I'd like to think he just thought it was too sweet here with me, , But one day he just couldn't get up on his feet after collapsing on his walk, as I knew it would happen, I got help getting him into the car and called the vet , She came next day at 3pm 29th November and he was PTS in my arms.
I took Ruby for a short walk to the bottom of the drive and she stood and looked round at the patch of grass there, as if to say, where is he , I took her back home and she took to her bed and wouldn't get up, she wouldn't eat nor drink, and just went into a decline, I had to phone the vet next morning , she came at 10am, and she was so shocked how quickly Ruby went, though she too was aging , they were both 15.1/2 years, She was put to sleep in my arms 30th November , a large piece of my heart broke in that two days and will never really heal,
Bless you my two sweet dear friends, you were such wonderful companions and a credit to your breed, though if they were human, you'd want them as your best friends.  Sleep well till we meet again with all my other babies.

A kindly face a gentle eye, a paw with softest touch
A loyalty without question and never asks for much
An unwavering wish to please, your slightest whim
The kindest creatures on the earth that our good lord has made.
All dogs on earth are special of that we can't deny
But collies seem to have that gift, that money just can't buy

Author Arlene Phillips 2018

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  1. I can't stop crying. I am SO sorry, Arlene. I know you adored Zak and Ruby and they adored you, too. For years I've read so much about them that I felt as if I could put my hand out and pat them right through this monitor. I am sending up heartfelt prayers and love to them both and to you, the sweetest woman in the world. Xoxoxo

    1. Hello Jenny, thank you for your kind words I will not pretend that i am not devastated on the loss of my babies, but as I said it is another chapter in my life and it has closed, time to start another. It does not mean that for one minute i have cast aside the memories of my loss, but I won't let it rule my life, I take out the memories and handle them with kid gloves and relish them, then they will be safely tucked away till next time. It's the only way I can handle it.
      I think that all the prayers and good wishes from yourself and all my friends go some way in helping me bear this. Thank you once again dear friend

  2. Oh, Arlene I am so sorry and heartbroken for you to hear this news. It is so hard to have to say goodbye to our fur babies and to lose two so close is just devastating. I hope that the grieving process will soon be overtaken by beautiful, sweet memories you made with them. Keeping you in my thoughts sending warm gentle hugs and saying prayers. <3 Maggie

    1. Hello Mags, what a lovely surprise to see you here, and thank you for your kind words, Yes it was a bit of a shock to lose them so close together, but in another way a blessing , as I knew it would only be a matter of time the other would follow, and a very short time too, so the grieving has been handled all at once, but forgetting? ...never. ,
      I'm sure that Ruby just felt she couldn't carry on in this world without Zac , her friend and just wanted to go with him before he got too far away, it helps me to think they are together. I am going to try and keep up some blogging, as I think if I stop it is harder to get back into it, plus the pass words seem to disappear, I hope to visit your blog soon, It's almost bedtime here so I'll be off in a mo. this is where the sadness kicks in, but it'll pass . Thank you once again, and God Bless xx

  3. Hi Arlene, sorry to hear about Zak. Hope you and Ruby are doing well. Glad to hear from you even though the bad news.

  4. I guess I didn't read all your post. I am shocked to hear that Ruby passed as well. wow that was hard to read, that they both went. Take care of yourself.

  5. Hello Arlene this is so sad , they were wonderful companions , You gave them the best life they could both wish for.
    Something drew me here today , glad I saw your post.
    Many hugs Sheila


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