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Ruby and Tango
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Friday, 19 January 2018

A draft post from the past

Hi, had a nice walk this morning, the weather is anything but 'nice' but if you keep moving it's not too bad, it's damp, grey and chilly in a damp way, so you have to keep moving, at least it's not raining.

I let Zak off the lead yesterday and he was just perfect, didn't stray or bother other dogs, his biggest vice though is Bunny poo, he just loves it and believe me there's plenty around here. Gotta stop it.

He likes to get up on the chairs, afraid it's a no-no in my house, though I'd let him perch on my kitchen chair, though I sit in it most of the day., as I'm doing now, so he'll have to be content to lie on his bedding on the floor.

His food is not a problem now, hopefully it's been resolved. but he does like to beg at the table, he'll soon get fed up of that, as I don't give in.

Ruby got a couple of new coats this week, one a nice fleece to keep her warm the other waterproof and nicely lined for wet weather, she had on her fleece to-day.  I took a couple of photos of Zak and her on the beach walk on my new phone, but , damn it I can't upload them to my computer, I need a memory card, I can't even see where it's supposed to go, so I'll have to fish out the instruction booklet and see what I can find out. what a pain.

Thank you for visiting and please come back, Arlene, Tango and Ruby


  1. Such a beautiful post; a loving tribute. I am just still in tears over the news of their passing and am having a hard time typing to you. Zak & Ruby, what a pair. Good, good lives just as Tango before them. Every time I lose a pet, I'm devastated. I've always wished that we could all, humans & their beloved pets, have a designated time to say goodbye, all at the same moment with the flick of a light switch. Thinking now that still wouldn't be long enough with them, it never is. Arlene, I hope you know that you will be forever blessed for all your love and kindness that you've bestowed upon your pets and others you've helped. It counts for everything. Xoxoxo

  2. Beautiful post Arlene . Jenny has put it into words indeed.
    Sheila xx


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