Ruby and Tango

Ruby and Tango
Me 'n' Ruby and of course Tango


Here are some of my , well ALL of my Fuschias

I hope you've enjoyed them I've got more flowers I will add later.


  1. Ok, Ok I can take a hint, not good enough eh? sniff!

  2. OK.. stop sniffing!!
    I just found out how to 'add' pages on Blogger... Sheeesh!!
    and wonderful photo's Arlene, I love fuchsia's
    (thank goodness for spell checker I spelt it wrongly!!) .. I think a lot of people miss all the headings, wish they could 'glow; or something... :-) xPenx

  3. Oh Hi Pen, just realized I had a visitor to my garden, looking for some summer sun I guess, well the fuchsias certainly make you feel like you've had a good dose, it's a pity they haven't got any perfume. Thanks for saving this page's bacon, I was going to delete it, through lack of visitors. wey hey a visitor, now spread the word.


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