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Ruby and Tango
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Saturday, 2 October 2010

Starting to get to grips.

Hi all ex-spacers, just trying to post my first real blog on here. I said in my comments how good it was to see us starting to find each other. Personally, if I try and switch between WP and Blogger [here] I will become thoroughly confused. , but I will see how this goes first, it definitely appears easier to find your way around on here.
I went out with Grand-daughter and her husband, Lisa and Jon, for lunch and they came back for coffee and we watched Strictly Come dancing, it was a nice day and I enjoyed their company, making a nice change for me. They stopped until after 7 pm.Tango did miss his evening walk though as it was tipping it down with rain and as we got drenched yesterday morning and a bit wet last night , I passed it up, This morning was nice, and we enjoyed a pleasant walk along the beach and watched the surfers. They weren't getting many good rollers to-day but yesterday they were out in the howling rain and having super fun with log waves, I would have loved the thrill of doing that, and stupid me, no camera, I really should make a point of taking it out EVERY day.
Once again it was lovely to see so many of you on here, and I will hopefully be able to pay you all a visit, we must try and find out how to connect, and know when each other have posted, and I think it was LAdy P who said WLS made it easier, you're dead right there. Jon said that probably WLS couldn't afford to run the service for free and that's the reason WP charge for stuff. well they can 'stuff' that. I'm finsihing this now and I hope it publishes, I did notice it automatically saves to draft periodically. hope so as I'd hate to lose it all. Bye for now.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. oh no, I copy and pasted the comment I deleted as it had a mistake in it and when I came back the paste option had gone.
    If I remember rightly I had said.....
    I am tending to think I may stay here at Blogger for my main site as it seems more adaptable and like what we have been used to.
    I am in awe at the outfits and figures on some of the girls on Strictly Dancing and the men of course. I thought Ann Widdecombe had just the right attitude and tongue in cheek and pulled it off ok. She was our local MP and was brilliant helping peoples causes big or small. Lovely woman.
    If you did not have your camera couldn't you have taken some pics with your phone. They turned out ok last time you posted them.
    Doesn't it feel good when we manage to track down friends one by one and get the flock back on track!

  3. Hello Arlene! I picked up your blog here from "Europa Icewolf" I was Samuel J Frog on WLS spaces.(Rocketman's sister) I configured my Windows Live Writer to blog here. It wasn't thathard once I figured out what to do! :) If I can help at all, let me know! You can find me at: and

  4. Darkraven and Ann I'll get back to you tomorrow another late night messing around, gone midnight now, Yawn g'night

  5. After a few months of using both it seems to me that Blogger is less formal than Wordpress but each has it's own good points so I'll stick with both. The easiest way to get notices when folks post updates is to click on the "Follow" link at the top of the page. Then you can opt for using Google Reader to get your updates or have them sent to your e-mail account. I prefer the former because I get updates from both Blogger and Wordpress as well as news feeds, all in one place, but that's just me. Be glad to help out with and questions if I can.

  6. Yes, it's nice to see our friends from WL and hoping to see more.

  7. Hi Arlene know what you mean I've been messing around here for a while now yawn indeed, I think i'm going to agree with Anne it is more adaptable here, WP has left me speachless. Loving day you had watching those surfers they do enjoy it seen them down here in Cornwall wow... Hope you get a good rest take care hugs Sheila.

  8. Arlene link blogger to WLS then we'll get your blog updates on there same as with W/P and WLS updates :) Much easier! Now if someone could tell me how to get followers attached on W/P I would be incredibly grateful! Tho I suspect I am going to have more friends over here than there by the looks of things :)

  9. I'm with Rocket man..(er...not with him Per Se ferzackerly....just agree sorta thing!!) both Blogger and Wordpress have differing things to offer...AND I've been playing on here for hours on end and I'm still enjoying myself... (I know, I know..I should get out more...but Bess says it;s pouring down and her fur'll get frizzy!!)
    and Keep yer mits orf my JD he's happy where he is lol!! (I keep feeding him choccies and he's ever so friendly!! ;-)....)
    and on Wordpress you have to 'subscribe to someone's blog, not follow.....if you follow? and then you get their updates by email or list on your 'dashboard.. (that's for Zia Wolf Sun)
    best sign off keyboard's quite hot...
    xPenx, aka Lady P..

  10. Just looking at the time on these posts they take a while to come through. as I'd posted a long comment around 8.30 pm and it hasn't shown.
    Please Pen don't completely desert us for RM oops sorry W press. ;-)) Bess is a wimp, call herself a collie? what, Tango got soaked, maybe he's just macho. [not] I expect that JD is so fat after all these choccies, he's to fat for me anyway. LOL and I know what you mean by friendly, you naughty woman. I'm off to watch Downton Abbey, catch you all later. or tomorrow.


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