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Saturday, 16 October 2010

In reply to comments

I find it's easier to blog replies to multiple comments as it takes a while to clik on each link. anyhow, thanks for your help, I realize now where I went wrong, I went straight to my |WP blog without going through the WP site if you understand me. sigh, I'm heading for another breakdown here. Pen I didn't realize Bess wasn't well, I'm glad she's OK now and it wasn't anything serious. doghugs from Tango.
Good idea Gr Gran to put it into favourites.
Lo I haven't figured out how to reply to comments, but if they're multiple I find it easier to do a blog like this. ALso I can't understand how you can't get into my Guest book just clik on it, a couple of others have , but maybe it's temperamental, maybe if one or two others give it a whiz.
I did put on how to add one, here it is again, from 'dashboard to posting, to edit pages, and add new page and bobs your uncle.


  1. I remember when I first started on WL, I and others couldn't find their space. So, I told some when they find it, put it on faves as here and WP.I guess we all learn together.

  2. Thanks Arlene
    Will give that a try speak soon i am looking at all the blogs i am following before i go into mine, thought it might be a bit easier


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