Ruby and Tango

Ruby and Tango
Me 'n' Ruby and of course Tango

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Tidying the Garden

Hi folks, I took advantage of the lovely weather to-day and  tidied up the garden mowed the lawns and cleared up the leaves, now that will be an ongoing job for the next couple of months, it's a fairly large Ash tree and the leaves are now falling thick and fast,

Tango says , Let's get started.

here is the garden before I started

Tango is testing it out

and here it is after the short back and sides, Tango of course has to be in the picture, but is too shy to show his face.

Here are a few of my Fuschias

And this is my various pots unfortunately the Geraniums are finished and the rest of the stuff is past it's best, don't know why I bothered to put it here.

I  love the colour of Nasturtiums, I just let them take over

These Rudbeckia come up year on year

Here they are together
Hope you've enjoyed the little gems.


  1. Your garden is really pretty Arlene. It seems strange for things to still be in bloom, mine are still blooming as well, but my geraniums are looking a bit tired now although my white one is trying very hard to flower again. I love Fuschias, I grow them every year, but mine didn't do as well as yours do. Yours are just gorgeous!
    Did I mention I set my permissions set to 'Everybody' now, could you please let me know if you can get into my site and are getting my updates? Thanks in advance. If I've already mentioned this to you, please excuse me, I honestly don't know if I'm coming or going, I'm so frustrated. lol Oh Calgon, take me away! LOL
    Bye for now.

  2. Hi Arlene you have done a wonderful job yesterday just the day for a tidy up. Love your flowers they must look lovely when in bloome. Fushia's are pretty pink we have red and different sizes lovely. Well done. xSheila

  3. Tango's done a very good job of supervising and directing the!!....shame he couldn't help, but what a display of plants and colours ...(I think the dying off plants still have something to give, breaks my heart to have to put them on the compost, so I leave them 'til they're absolutely disgusting!!!) AND what's more I simply love FUSHIAS...(I always forget their names...but you named them....I could kiss you!!)...Righto I'm off or else I'll be here 'til midnight, thanks for walking the planks of the ship with me, shame Johnny wasn't there eh?..Oh Be Still My Beating Heart!!. hang on..if it stills am I deaded? So,ok..keep going but stop jumping about..!!
    and yes, I enjoyed all of your gems, lovely tidy garden Arlene, wanna do mine?
    night night...xPenx

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  5. Wow, your garden looks better before you started than mine does after I finish! Frankie was growing tomatoes and peppers in a collection of pots on our patio last year but didn't this year. I think she was uneasy with me telling folks she was a pot farmer.

  6. Thank you your tips, I thought about laters ..
    as you know you neeed to very carfully clicked
    the keys.
    your garden are beautiful and I do noticed it the flowers are you have that we having in here too.
    You gave me idea of my next post:-) For pictures of my garden.
    Have a great day with Tango,

  7. Ah! Now I can see :) Amazing what a boost to the signal does for download speeds. Lovely little gems...beautiful Nasturtiums. Your garden looks great tho Tango obviously feels he should be the hi-lit!!

  8. Thanks folks, I hope I don't need to mow the lawn again this year, but there will be quite a bit of tidying up of spent blooms in a month or so., I'm off visiting now, so get the kettle on as it could be YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUU


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