Ruby and Tango

Ruby and Tango
Me 'n' Ruby and of course Tango

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Catching up

Hi all, it's me again, hoping to fill you in on what I've been up to, First, I think I'm dispensing with Wordpress, as I don't have any followers on there that I don't have here, does that matter you may ask, not really, but it's nice to get feedback. and I haven't really got the time to keep checking on so many blogs.

I like everyone else, was very upset to hear that Chip had lost Sam, I'd got to know them over the past year or so, and being a dog lover took interest in his goings on, it is just so sad and very upsetting when your best friend has to be given that final sleep, I know the feeling only too well,  I've had to do it several times.

Just before I read about Chip and Sam, I'd been contemplating having another dog, Tango is 13 in a couple of weeks., if I have him for another two years I will consider myself lucky, if three, I will be well blessed.
When my friend Sue had Tango when I went to Jersey, it came to her that when his life is over I will be a basket case, and she knows me well enough to know how true that would be, so we started making enquiries. I was contacted by an old acquaintance from way back, Eddie, with an offer of a bitch she had that needs a home, she's 8 yrs old. Sue and I had planned to go to-day to Dorchester to meet them, Ruby she is called, they were  coming from Devon,
Well the snow put paid to that didn't it! so we're going on Sunday, weather permitting.

When I got up this morning I discovered that we hadn't escaped the snow after all, [I was feeling a bit smug we hadn't had any]  it was 5" deep in places and still falling. A couple of phone calls to cancel the meeting and   got togged up to take Tango out, I thought, that was easier said than done,

My car was an unrecognisable heap of white, and the drive down was a beautiful pristine ribbon .

I abandoned the idea of taking the car and decided to walk, down the drive, turn left , a bit further turn right an on to the main road., to the left Highcliffe, to the right, New Milton

Just to the left of the Highcliffe picture there is a footpath sign, it leads down to Chewton Bunny, which is an old smuggler's path., bringing contraband goods from the beach to be taken to Christchurch. It's a walk I go regularly, it leads to the sea trough a pretty woodland with a stream running through the middle. We decided on that one to-day.

Isn't he brave, ??or daft. brrrrrrrrr it must have been cold

A gentleman was taking pictures and I asked him if he would take one of me and Tango. and he kindly agreed.

Me and my best friend

I think that's it for now folks, way past my bedtime, I hope you haven't been bored, but there were so many photos to choose from. We don't get snow very often, so I thought I'd take the opportunity to take these just for the memories


  1. My mouth is hanging open in wonder, Arlene. These photos are to die for! As I went along, they just kept getting better and better and holy cow, what a GREAT ending shot! Every single one of the photos is wonderful and I loved how you put them to story form. You've got some really good talent, gal.
    You know, when you thought Tango was "brave" going into that icy cold water, I was thinking that BOTH of you were brave to even go out at all, much less down the path! I thought, "Omg, suppose she slips and no one knows!" I'm such a worry wort. You're just so darn precious :D
    xoxoxo LOVED this post!

  2. The photos are gorgeous. That is the way I like to see snow, in a picture. :-)

  3. I'm so sorry to hear that your friend Chip lost his dog. It's so sad.
    Today I had to say goodbye to Basil, I'm so gutted and I have a lump in my throat and it's hard to speak. I think there are a couple or so blogs on my blogspot about what has been going on with Bazzy the last couple of days.

    Those photos are so beautiful Arlene and doesn't Tango look cute with your glove in his mouth? He's such a sweet looking little guy.
    Stay warm and cosy Arlene.

  4. Hi, sweetie :D I just ran back to look at your photos again. You really out did yourself. They are just so extra, extra lovely. Yes, this was the right way to start my day. XOXOXO

  5. And people say I live in a beautiful part of the world! Tango looks to be having a fine time. We have snow in the forecast for the weekend and I can't wait to see what Buddy thinks of it. Stay warm.

  6. Great Photos of the snow, you have more than us here in western Canada. Keep warm and enjoy it while it lasts.

  7. My second try here. I so enjoyed your photos and narration. Tango was having a lovely time. Be safe and warm in all that beauty.

  8. Hi all, many thanks for your comments and appreciation of my photos, we so seldom get snow here I just about burned the camera shutter out. The same area looks just as beautiful in the autumn I did some photos of it some time ago.
    You are so kind and generous with your comments Jenny, it's not bravery that takes me out in that snow, it's duty. lol and necessity. I'd rather snuggle up indoors with my computer or a good book. but the photos make it worth it.
    Chip sharing the snow with Buddy will be a wonderful and memorable adventure for both of you, these first time memories are so precious. There will be many more.
    Robyn I felt a bit bad about Tango presenting me with my glove as I didn't have a biscuit to reward him, he had to do with an extra exuberant pat.

  9. Lovely photo's Arlene,
    of our spectacular British weather doing it's best to freeze us all to death. brrr.
    mind you. someone once said there;s no bad weather, you just have to wear the right clothes.."!"
    and I know what you mean about necessity, have to go out and walk the doggies, in fact I've just been out with Bess, knee deep in some places.
    and Bess is 13 too, and whilst talking to a friend on the phone, she mentioned about getting a new dog after Bess, but I nearly bit her head off. I know she was only trying to be sensible, but Bess is my one dog I fear, she was special and still is, 'til the end. I think everyone is different in their way of coping.
    I hope Ruby fits in well with Tango, she sounds a wonderful addition to your family..
    take care you two, xPen 'n' Bessx

  10. Hi Arlene great photo's I enjoyed each and evry one of them, Tango with your glove great! I think you were wise not taking the car out , it looks like a lovely walk to. I think that is a wonderful idea Arlene getting yourself another daog. As you know it is very heart breaking when you lose your soul mate. It took me 6 months to choose Wil-e my greyhound , he is indeed a loveable big fellow. Hugs to you and dear Tango, great blog. xSheilax

  11. Hi Pen, Bess and Sheila, thanks for comments. I wondered if anyone had noticed the part about the dog as you are the only two to have mentioned it, but then the photos are just so stunning, they dazzled everyone so they couldn't see anything else. LOL ;-))
    Hopefully we'll be able to go to-morrow. I do understand how you feel Pen, and I felt that way too at one time, but over the years I have had to say good bye to many dogs all dearly loved, that believe me, you always find room in your heart for another. Just think when, and it will come, Bess goes, you will be so lonely and heartbroken if you don't have another one there to help you through it. but each to their own way of coping. Having one while I still have Tango is my way. I'll keep you all posted.

  12. Meant to add SHeila, my friend Sue who is coming to-morrow, has always had greyhounds, and loves them dearly. They are such sweet dogs. Tango says Hello Wil-e, [is that shorthand for Will he?]

  13. Was away in Spain Arlene, but getting into Blogs is a hit or miss affair. Lovely Photos

  14. HI Arlene,
    I do understand what you mean, and the future will bring what it will, and I'll see what happens then. BUT forgot about your closing the Wordpress site, I'm the exact opposite, in that Blogger seems to fall behind, so maybe I'll close this one and concentrate on t'other...I don't know yet for sure.. but I will keep checking back an' forth on your posts.
    Bess is barking her head off, wants to be out in the lingering snow, thank goodness, she's perked up so much since the latest scare...I think I've aged a couple of years!! lol!

  15. Blinkin' phone. I yet again was among the first to comment here but I notice it did not actually post. Oh well.
    I like the pic of Tango with your glove.
    Snow has all but gone here now that it rained heavily. Bet that stream will be flowing deep in the thaw. How could Tango even think about getting in that icy water, daft dog! You do know he will teach his new companion every trick in the book don't you.


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