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Ruby and Tango
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Saturday, 9 April 2011

Billy no-mates

I’m seriously beginning to feel that this blogging is a waste of time, ever since WLS closed down my personal blogs get less and less comments,, Just how do you get traffic, I visit lots of sites and leave comments, they are often never replied to, so you don’t know if they’ve been read or not, and many don’t ever give a return visit.  I had several  ‘followers’ in Spaces, some still blog on here and WP, but have for some reason gone off me.Sad smile

I’m not being precious by thinking that my blogs should have any sort of special treatment, or are any more interesting or special than any one else’s, I enjoy writing them, but just a little bit more interest would make me feel it was worth it. It’s like not realising you’re the most boring person at the  party, Smile  If I don't get a bit more feedback I'm having a break for a while.


\on a lighter note, I saw the first swallow to-day. Summer’s coming, I feel better already


  1. Sorry you're unhappy, but we don't usually answer comments as we go on to another blog to read.
    Someone else answers comments on her's ,but I don't go back to see if she answered mine as I can't keep up with all the blogs. I've been quite busy too and neglectful blogging. But, I have to catch up in the house before it overtakes

  2. I have made it a policy since I started blogging 6 years ago to answer every person that has visited my blog and left a comment. I think that is the only courteous thing to do. Some days I only get a few comments.
    I think your posts are very interesting.

  3. Hey Arlene, I quite often feel the same way. At this time of year I don't have much to talk about. Also if you have something going that I am interested in, than I will ask questions and leave comments. It is very hard to comment and ask questions, if I have no interest as to what others are taling about. I to have many fallowers that leave no comments. I do try to comment on the blogs that are old fallowers.

  4. Hi Arlene, sorry for not being around much on Blogger...I've been having trouble doing anything with it, so tend to use WordPress for both my blogs. If I could only work out why it won't let me write anything...!

    One reason why I haven't posted comments on peole's blogs is because I have also had problems signing in to Blogger...and have ended up going round in circles! Very annoying!

    Like Horst, I haven't had much to write about lately, but that should soon change (if only I can actually write something on Blogger!!)

    Take to you and Tango...XXX

  5. Hi Arlene this time of year is tricky . The weather has something to do with it also, getting out there and the gardens.I to have lost quite a few friends from WLS. Thank you for your comment yes it was a great day for me, as well as enjoying it myself,it was good to see their smiley faces. Enjoyed the day very much, nothing like a good old chat over a cuppa with old friends. Today is looking good sunshine as it is not set to last into next week, I may just have a little ponder , (no gardening) around the garden. Hugs from Wile-e to you and Ruby and Tango. xxtake carex


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