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Ruby and Tango
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Monday, 11 April 2011

Oh dear, [serves him right]

Just a quickie ,

I had to go into the local bank this morning.  There were only two tells open and I took up a good twenty minutes to conduct my business, a man occupied the other one and he also took some time.

The queue got longer and longer, then there were a few comments and they escalated into grumbles.

There was one man who was really quite vocal in his complaints, , shouting about lack of staff and people taking their time, blah, blah, you can imagine. However someone else came to open the third window and he went up to be served, still mouthing his complaints.

He handed over something to the clerk with a nasty remark, then said, No tell you what let’s have that back, ‘I’VE LEFT MY WALLET IN THE CAR’ and stormed out cussing and swearing, I don’t think there was a straight face in the bank, the poor clerks had to hide their laughter as best they could. Made my day it did.


  1. Classic.....they say god pays his debts without money...that will teach him to mouth off
    Hope you are well
    Lo xxxxxxx

  2. Thank you Lo, and spot on, I just hope he didn't take spite out on any one or thing else.
    Yes I'm well hope to visit later

  3. LOL that will teach him ha ha xx


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