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Sunday, 17 April 2011

Ramblings in the night

It’s quarter to three, there’s no one in the place except you and me., that’s what Frank sang, well the song’s mine right now, as that’s what the time is now.

I don’t really give a stuff whether or not anyone reads or comments on this, I’m writing for my own pleasure.

I was so tired last night, my head was nodding at 9 pm,    I’d gone out for the afternoon with my friend  Nicky to the New Forest with the dogs, all that walking, chatting and fresh air makes you tired. Also the day before i’d gone to Karen’s for lunch then a crowd of us met up on the rec for a dog walk, there were 16 dogs, and all get on so well together. it was a smashing day.

I went to bed at ten, and woke up  at 1.45, finished off a book I was reading and still don’t feel tired, so here I am, not something I usually do, on the computer during the night.

It was a good book, one of the Catherine Cookson type,and it was pretty graphic of the conditions that women had to put up with back in the late 1800’sand how they were nothing but chattels to their husbands, the women had re-married to save herself from the workhouse had four daughters and her husband beat her and them, plus drank themselves out of home after home. harrowing stuff, ‘The Jarrow Girl’ it was called.

Back to my being awake, it’s an absolute pain in the derriere wakening up in the night, if you’ve ever suffered from it you’ll sympathise, you go to bed tired at a normal respectable time , with me around 10.30, fall asleep and then wake up, it can be anything from midnight till 4 am so there’s no pattern to it, Sometimes I take half a sleeping pill, have a read and go back to sleep, but tonight isn’t one of them.

I’ve brought the laptop to bed without the cable, so that when the battery runs out, I've no option but to finish.
How I envy the dogs, they are sound, now and then one glances up at me gives a puff as though telling me to put out the light, then settles back to snooze the night away.

It’s worse in the cold winter months, who the heck want to get up and roam around at 2 am in the freezing weather.

But i was thinking, as it’s a Saturday, there’s probably half the young population out enjoying themselves in night clubs and partying, I know I used to, cripes does this make me feel old.

I remember when I#d be up at 5,30 am travel 150 miles to a dog show, come back at around 8pm get changed and go out clubbing. God the stamina you have when you’re younger. would I do it again? too bl***y right I would. LOL

Before i got the laptop out I was staring into space and reminiscing about the past, now that gets a bit unhealthy at 2 am.   Opposite the bed above the window are photographs of my two girls when they were about three, and one of Whisper,one of my collies,  and I got to going back in time to these days, feeling quite nostalgic,  I considered getting out the old photos, but decided that it would be a bit cluttery on the bed.

It gets me thinking sometimes of how my life’s panned out, and what the good and not so good bits have affected it, and often wonder what would I change, if anything, just where would I stop the clock and change direction. Maybe it would be interesting if you were allowed to do a taste and try on that, be able to experience  for a month or so what life would have been like had you done so, jsut to see if you’d go through with it, let’s say you could have three chances, but once you’d discarded one you couldn’t go back. There have been perhaps three major incidents in my life that the decision I have made at the time, have made a huge difference and affected not only mine, but my daughter’s lives. and often wonder which one I would have avoided and taken a different road, or is it all mapped out for you and you have no sway in the matter, therefore the outcome is out of your hands.

I have a day to myself tomorrow and have so much to do I won’t know where to start, but I bet I won’t get half of it done anyroad, The damn lawn needs cutting again for a start, windows need washing, net curtains washing, shrubs, to be pruned, some planting to do, and I still haven’t made a start on the painting of Nettle that I’ve promised for Sue. the trouble is, when I get these disturbed nights I sleep later than normal surfacing around 8 am and feeling tired in the middle of the day.

Well I’m getting a bit heavy eyed, and can’t think of any more to ramble about, so i’ll do a bit of surfing before the battery goes.

I’ll probably look at this in the morning and think I’m losing my marbles, I’m noticing already i’m making a lot of typos and keep having to correct them. G’night, or shall I say good morning, I can just  hear the robin starting to tweet.

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  1. I have nights like that too, where my mind goes haywire, flitting from one worry to another. I rarely get up though, I just stay in bed and tough it out.
    I hope you get a good night's sleep tonight.

  2. Last night was a night like that for me. Only two hours of sleep. Even though it's not good for you, it's comforting to know I'm not the only one.

  3. I think it's more common than I first thought, but it's a real nuisance.Thanks for visit ladies

  4. Hey Arlene, I have many a night like the one you are having, My best remedy is to watch tv while laying down on the soffa, the sound really low, and low and behold I fall asleep. It may not work for you, but you never know. Take care and get some sleep tonight. You need it. ;-)

  5. Hi Arlene I do hope you managed to get a decent night's sleep last night. Your mind was sure working overtime. Maybe it's because you had such a busy day and all those thoughts swishing around your head. You also have a lot to do by the sounds of it, that also can paly on your mind. Here's a hug for you and Tango and Ruby and hope you get a good sleep :0 you take care.

  6. There is nothing worse than when you can't sleep or wake so early in the morning
    My husband say's when he or I wake that early it is before Sparrows fart...which I think is lovley cos they must fart the same as all of us, in fact I am going off now to write on my blog

  7. Oh, man...

    I could write volumes about all the stuff I've tried to deal with my own sleeplessness, Arlene!
    Reading dull books doesn't work, because I always manage to find something interesting and end up reading the night away.

    I'm a writer, so my wakeful nights are usually spent composing essays back at What Was I Thinking? or roughing out ideas for stories and poems. If my muse has gone on vacation without me, I'll cop out and just start random surfing on the 'net.

    It's amazing where following related links on web sites will take a person. I've found sites which deal with astronomy, conspiracy theories (some pretty far-out, and some pretty credible), space weather (fascinating!), and herbal's never really wasted time.

    Oh, I probably should mention, at this moment, I should be fast asleep, but, well, you know how that goes...

    So here I am, a new visitor to a friendly place!

    I'm happy to have found your additional blog; will be back again soon, hopefully more awake and rested.

    Your essay was a fine read, and you're not alone in your wakefulness; I suppose that sometimes the only thing one may do is to just roll with it--fighting it only makes it worse. Some of us are fortunate to be able to sleep in if we need to; not everyone is that lucky.

    I hope the next time you're awake when you'd really rather be fast asleep, I hope you'll remember you have lots of friends who think about you, and even though they may live on the far side of the world, they care about you just as much as if they were neighbors across the street.

    Later, my new friend.


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