Ruby and Tango

Ruby and Tango
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Friday, 27 May 2011

Flowers [again]

The roses are in full bloom so I couldn’t resist taking some photos. the yellow ones are from the garden and the Briar are from the fields, they were taken with the camera phone,  I didn’t intend taking photos so left the digi home, sigh, so the pictures aren’t great. There is also a pot plant that I’ve had from a cutting a friend gave me about four years ago, and it has flowered for the first time, For the life of me I can’t recall the name, but it’s so pretty I just had to include it. I’ve taken several cuttings from it and given them to friends when taken, they root in water without any proble. I’ll tell them to be patient and they will be pleasantly surprised as I was, as the plant is a bit drab.

P1010411pot plant detailpot plant fullrose edged yellow budtight rosebudGolden Showers

yellow rose and budyellow rose fullyellow rosebriar pink spraybriar spray 2

briar sprayfoxglovespale pink briarpink briar fuzzyruby in ffieldsRuby snuck in here

As did the foxgloves, they just self seed then disappear for a year or twowhite roseIceberg rose

P1010402detail of the pot plant


  1. All of the flowers are beautiful. Great shots Arlene!!

  2. The Rose and all the other flowers are just beautiful, you did a great job with your camera phone.

  3. Great flowers Arlene glad you are talking flowers again. This is the time of year buds are a blooming , I do like that bottom plant I can't recognise it either. Let me know when you remember what it is please. Hope you are well and enjoying your weekend . it's raining slightly here at the mo. Hope the gals are ok to. Hugs Sheila x:)

  4. Your flowers are gorgeous! Thank you for stopping by Chancy's place on WP. We are following your blog now.


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