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Monday, 6 June 2011

Catching up

A  quick post to catch up

Where did the weekend go, one minute it was Thursday and now it’s Monday, 
I know Thursday I went out with Sue and all the dogs for a New Forest walk, it was a blazing hot day , we had 6 dogs between us who all thoroughly enjoy the day too, though Stroodle didn’t like the horses getting too close and chased them away.
I had my hair cut in the afternoon, all short again, easier.
Friday,  Karen my younger daughter came up for lunch, and Saturday I had to spend getting everything ready for the dog show I was judging on Sunday, plus doing the usual chores. 
The show was at Petersfield only about 60 miles away but as we had to be there by 8 am it meant a 6.30 am start. When I arrive I have to walk the dogs, set up my round and erect the tent, which is always a hilarious job and takes longer than it should, despite idiot taping all the poles. 
Judging started at 9 am  and we finished around 5 pm, The weather was short of the blazing heat of a couple of days ago, it was overcast, occasional splats of rain and chilly, I ended up with an extra cardi, gloves and a scarf!!! Unbelievable,  a drop of about 10 degrees in two days.
Sybil, my friend who was helping out, took a photo and if it looks OK I’ll post it up later.
To-day I was tired and had shopping to do, so after the shopping I thought I’d have forty winks, that turned into almost two hours. 
So out with the dogs to wake me up and on the computer to fill in the gaps, as I’m out to-night.
On Saturday I decided to cook some chicken for lunch, put it in the microwave with a cover to stop it splattering and pressed the ‘chicken’ button to cook for 20 mins. Ho hum, I had pressed the button for oven cooking not microwave and the cover I put on was plastic and here is the result. 
Obviously it's not the same, lucky I have this spare 

Thank you for visiting and please come back, Arlene, Tango and Ruby


  1. My goodness, you really did a number on your container. I have never cooked chicken in the microwave, actually no raw meat at all. How long does it take for chicken to cook in the mic?

  2. Did the chicken survive?

    I no longer worry about weekends because every day is Saturday for me. I just have to be careful about saying that out loud because it makes Frankie give me THE LOOK if she hears me.

  3. My microwaved chicken always comes out dry. Is plastic-coated chicken more moist? :)

  4. Ha, ha Wifie, I wouldn't know about plastic coated chicken I certainly didn't do a taster, but if your chicken is dry, perhaps you're cooking it on too high a setting. just a thought. I know what you're saying Chip, retirement is one long weekend.
    Beth, it depends on what you're cooking as far as chicken goes, whether legs, thighs shouldn't take more than 15 - 20 mins depends on the setting, but just be sure it's cooked through, I do admit my cooking preferences is my microwave and slow cooker,and of course bread maker, the oven only for bigger baking.

  5. Hi Arlene I have never cooked chicken in a microwave before oops sorry to hear about your lid. It was indeed a lovely two days here to Fri and Saturday. :) x


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