Ruby and Tango

Ruby and Tango
Me 'n' Ruby and of course Tango

Sunday, 4 September 2011


Woke up this morning to a dull miserable bedroom, no sunshine peeping through the windows as it usually does around 7 am, nope it looked like it was 3 am, snuggled back under the covers, much to Tango and Ruby’s disgust, for another half hour, who in their right mind wants to get up before noon on a miserable wet Sunday?
I am glad it wasn’t like it yesterday, as I and a couple of others spent over three hours looking for a lady’s dog who’d taken itself off into the field of maize and disappeared. I’d gone up to the burial ground which skirts round farmland for a good walk,  I thought the field would have been cleared of grain but there were two huge fields of maize. I was on the way back when I heard a voice call, and when I got to the bottom the lady asked if I’d seen a little black dog, it was a Patterdale terrier, and had obviously gone off rabbiting. A rescue, she’d only had a couple of months.
As I wasn’t in any hurry and the morning was pleasant I said I’d go round again and for her to stay put, I put my two in the car as they’d been walking for over an hour anyway., another gent joined us then another couple Around the perimeter there are thick wooded areas a haven for bunnies and all wildlife, BUT down through the bottom of the other field runs the railway.
We went our different ways and passed each other a couple of times, all looking a bit glum, a bit later after I passed one gent on the way round all the time calling Tilly, Tilly, [the dog’s name not the man’s] a couple of mins later the man called out Found her, brilliant,  I thought and started to run back, but he’d only spotted her as she came out when I called her name, then disappeared. We ran all the way round to the owner hoping the dog would have gone back, but no, so she and I went back that way, about a half mile along at a corner of the field we spotted her, hallelujah, she came bounding up to her mum and she burst into tears.
The dog was knee high to a grasshopper and the corn is over my head,OK I know that’s not high but at least 5 feet.  so it wouldn’t even rustle for anything less than a donkey in there.
I was so glad I didn’t have anything pressing and could easy spare the time to help out as I would have fretted had I had to leave her, I know the state I’d be in if it was one of my dogs.
I’d gone out at 9.30 am and got home for lunch at three after a bit of shopping,  but no matter, the dog was found, that was the main thing.,
As I said at the beginning the weather this morning is grey and miserable, and as I write this the rain is pattering against the window, sigh, I’ve had breakfast, it’s 9.30 and I have to take my two out, but I think I’ll steer clear of the maize field, not fancying another morning worrying about straying dogs.


  1. Hope you enjoyed your walk this no mishaps
    Like the new look blog, but sorry to have to say not sure about the Yellow writing, It makes your eyes go funny, maybe the green or orange would be better
    Love as always
    Lo xxxx

  2. Good point Lo I'm thinking of changing it again anyhow, Thanks for popping in, and yes I did have a good untroubled walk, and the sun is now shining, making me feel I ought to be in the garden doing something useful. hopefully tomorrow.

  3. You know Arlene, you are a very special lady. Thank you so much for helping find the missing dog.


  4. Wonderful Arlene I am so glad to hear they found the little dog, and you where in the right place at the right time. I bet that made your day Hugs Sheila and Wile -e x:)

  5. Aww, thank you Beth, I think anyone who has a dog would have done the same time allowing, and it's unlikely that anyone not walking a dog would have been in that lonely place.
    And Yes Sheila, I do admit to having a bit of a glow about me when the little girl was found. such a relief, I don't think I'd have slept if she hadn't been , I could see me up ther in the dark with a torch if it was mine, with the whole family in tow. Hugs to Wile-e, they're so precious.


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