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Ruby and Tango
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Thursday, 13 October 2011

Sunset and other stuff

I'm waiting for a loaf to finish cooking then I can go to bed, so I'm taking advantage of the time to posting up some news etc.
My shoulder is improving, I'm limiting the computer use and taking it all steady, though  I did do some gardening this afternoon, Why does a wind decide to get up just as you start to rake up the leaves  and blow them all back again, Have I offended some God of sorts. ?
It has been an absolutely beautiful day to-day, unbelievably mild. and the sunset this evening was breathtaking, as you [hopefully] can see by the pictures.
My daughter and husband are going to Cornwall this week-end to visit the Eden project and the Lost Garden of Heligon, lucky devil, I hope the weather stays fine for them.
I've been reluctantly emptying some of the planters of spent flowers, why is it you keep hoping that they might just still re-flower, even though you know they're way past it. I've included a couple of them in their glory.  First up is this late butterfly, I haven't had time to identify it, probably a ringlet.

The sunset took about twenty minutes from start to finish.

A couple of days earlier I took a photo of these yachts in one of the many races they seem to hold.

I couldn't resist this shot , The collie was lying in the water and totally oblivious of the waves lapping round him, Ruby is on the left just lying watching him as though she was making sure he didn't drown, or maybe thinking he was a right plonker.

Just a couple of flowers, most shots weren't very good, 

Finally i've made a start on the painting I'd asked you to help me choose.

Thank you for visiting and please come back, Arlene, Tango and Ruby


  1. Hi Arlene Love the start on your Paintings very good. Your photo's are very up-lifting the pretty Butterfly, funny enough I saw a lovely one here in the garden yesterday , orange not sure what it was and it wasn't an Admiral or Peacock. May post it later although it was on those awful Dock Leaves. Have a lovely weekend and the Gals. Hugs Sheila and Wile-e xx:)

  2. Beautiful pictures. That sunset is just awesome. The painting is coming along really nice.

  3. The pictures are beautiful!! The painting is really looking good.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  4. Love the sunsets. I love skies in all their diversity.
    It's not only leaves, every time I trim the topiary the wind seems to get up and blow the trimmings everywhere.

  5. Now that looks like a beautiful sunset to have watched for so long. Too funny the dogs in the surf. Your flowers still look lovely here. Happy painting on your new started project.


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