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Ruby and Tango
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Sunday, 6 November 2011

Just a quickie

Just a quick ? post to share my yesterday,
It was a beautiful day after the morning mist burned off, so I decided to do some gardening rather then catch up and finish the painting of the dogs.
I started by raking up the leaves off the paved yard where the dogs do their you know what's, the trouble is when it's covered in leaves, you can't see where the you know what's are deposited. I then cleared them from the lawn . I marvel every year at the number of leaves that the Lime tree has, and I swear every last one falls on solely my patch. Looking out of the window I see there are as many there again. sigh, Quick note, I saw a thrush this morning, the first migrant so far.
After I'd done the leaves, quick bite and decided to tackle the compost bin, it's 4' tall and 6' round, it was full and I swear I've got some squeaky visitors. I opened the bottom trap door and started shovelling the soil into the wheelbarrow for deposit elsewhere, i managed 5 barrowloads and thought that was enough as it was getting to 4 o'clock, time to take dogs out.
There looked like the beginnings of a nice sunset so I took the camera, I was right we had a spectacular sunset, I took this accidentally with the flash and thought it made a change from the usual.
On the way back to the car, Ruby took off a bit smartish, I thought maybe someone was throwing a ball, but no, then I realized she'd heard a firework, it was getting dark so bundled them in the car and got off home.
It 's her first Guy Fawkes night with me and she is very frightened, so much so that she wouldn't eat her tea nor go and oblige me in the garden by bedtime, I shut all the doors and windows ad turned up TV loud.  There were still bangs at 10 pm. She's a it 'windy' this morning, I just hope thee won't be much this evening. I think they should be only allowed on 5 Nov for a set time and then it should be an offence after that. Maybe that seems selfish, but thinking of all the horses and cows in fields and other wildlife who must be petrified.
I got up this morning and I ache in places I thought I'd outgrown. I've got physio to-morrow, for a check up on my shoulder, I shan't mention the gardening, and it was getting better :-(
I'm off to Karen's for lunch to-day, Jason does Sunday cooking and he makes a darn good job of it,  Even taking all the dogs out won't walk it off. I have to go on mean rations for two days after,
It's a lot colder this morning, so I'm wrapping up well to take the dogs out, see you later this evening [hopefully]

Just a mention for Gaelic Wife, Thanks for your visit, and I have tried to get into your site, but it seems to be unavailable, or just difficult,

Thank you for visiting and please come back, Arlene, Tango and Ruby


  1. Love those sunset pictures. Sorry the poor puppy was frightened. My daughters dog never got over fireworks.

  2. Yes, there should be a set time for fireworks. Sorry your fur babies were scared. Love those sunset photos.

  3. The sunset pictures are beautiful!!

    You really worked hard yesterday with all of the hauling and shoveling. You need to wait for your shoulder to heal. I can understand why you won't be telling the doctor. ;-)

  4. So sorry about the noisy fireworks hope they have stopped. Sorry too about the aches and pains. Hope all goes well with your shoulder. You have been working hard, maybe a good rest is in order now. Hugs and nose kisses

  5. Hi Arlene yes I have finally made it here again. I have been trying to get all those cleaning jobs done in the house that I neglect all summer. I also have been trying to get some walks in outside on sunny days in the snow. Needless to say I does often take a few weeks to make my rounds to everyone. I try to catch up with a lot of post through reader then comment on a few. Anyway what a lovely sunset it did turn out to be. I actually love using the flash on subjects in the sunset sometimes. I have had flowers that turned out beautifully with sunsets in the back. As you know I am doing yoga now very slowly and it is helping. But I think Tai Chai would sure help you shoulder. It is such slow gradually movements might help your frozen shoulder. And of course sitting here typing at the computer does not help it and your painting also. Anyway I am off to see what you have been up to for the last few weeks.


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