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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Catch up

Just a quick catch up, I haven’t been online blogging much lately,  there have been quite a few pre Christmas activities to be attended to, not complaining about that though.

Just wanted to tell you all about my cooker problem. I got a new one just a year ago next week, it has an interior oven light which  I’ve not used it a lot , then discovered it wasn’t working., on trying to change it I couldn’t budge it, for a start it’s in the most awkward of places, way up inside at the top on the right, which  meant lying on my back to unscrew it. but couldn’t . I’d resorted to using a torch to see inside the oven when baking.

I went into the shop where I’d bought it, and was told it wasn’t covered, so didn’t pursue it further. On talking to a friend, she reckons that it should be covered as it’s part of the enhancements of the cooker or something, Anyhow I decided to have a try, and with one week to go on the guarantee they agreed to replace it.  Next thing I got a phone call from the engineer telling me it would cost me labour, around £75 ! all to change a 30p bulb.!  I told them quite vociferously  I was not going to pay as it was covered for parts AND labour., and I would be taking it further and would probably in fact put it on their site in the review space. and possibly getting in touch with Trades description ombudsman, I hadn’t got a clue how to go about that , but it sounded quite impressive. Smile

I got another phone call soon after saying that it would be changed under the terms of guarantee and have an appointment for to-morrow.  It shows it pays to complain, and all for a 30p bulb.

Take care everyone.

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  1. Atta Girl!! I am proud of you!!

  2. Yes, I'm proud of you as well, way to go, Arlene.

  3. Yup, as they say, It's the squeaky wheel that get the grease. Good for you.

  4. Good for you Arlene I raise my cup to you, we are all proud of you. Not enough folk complain well done. xx


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