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Ruby and Tango
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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Catch up

Hi all, Well, Christmas is all but finished, I hope yours was a good one, and if you didn't get what you wanted, you got what you needed.
I had a very good Christmas this year, I went to my younger daughter Christmas day and my older  daughter Boxing day. the food was .... well just to say good, would be an understatement, I ate as much as I comfortably could and reluctantly refused any more, I know I will be thinking by about Thursday I wished I was back at the table on either day.
I had some nice presents, both useful and ornamental, and of course with a fine assortment of toiletries, so bath times will be a very pleasant experience.
We played Charades after dinner and dog walking, good for helping get rid of calories. I love Charades, it's fun to watch the antics of people trying to describe stuff without words, but just how do you mime 'Sex and the City' with a 13 yr old in the audience? :-)
The weather was very mild making it pleasant to take out the dogs and getting around, but to-day was a bit different, with horizontal sleet, well I suppose it is Winter after all, at least the winter solstice has come and gone.
I've ordered a patio pressure washer to-day from Amazon, nearly half the price of the main store, I hope it does the job, My patio slabs are thick with moss on about half their length, as that side is sheltered by the large fir trees and never really dries out in winter. Not only does it look unsightly, it's a bit of an accident  risk being so slippery. I'm looking forward to it coming though i'll probably curse the extra work.
A little moan here.....why do the little price stickers have such sticky hard to remove glue, Peeling, rubbing and washing won't shift it, all you get in the end is a dirty patch of sticky gunge, and if it's on a pretty surface picture it spoils it, now if anyone has got the answer to cleaning that stuff off, I'll be eternally grateful.
Well folks that's all for now, sorry to anyone who's interested by being a bit tardy with my blog, but like most of us, it's a busy time of the year, but I'll come clean and admit to poking around in Face book, shame on me.
So I take my hat off to Beth Marie, who has managed to do a blog a day for the month of December, So if you feel like a break now Beth, I'm sure we'll all forgive you, not for too long though.
Lotsa luv from Me, tango and Ruby.

Thank you for visiting and please come back, Arlene, Tango and Ruby


  1. I can't give up now Arlene, I only have 3 more posts to go.

    As far as the glue problem, I take a piece of tape sticky side out and if you work long enough on it you can get the glue off. Sometimes it takes more than one piece of tape.

    Happy New Year my friend!!

  2. Hi Arlene, in reference to the sticky glue, Gum Spirits will take it off very easily. You could also use regular Lighter Fluid, NOT Butane. Lighter Fluid is Gum Spirits. Hope that Helps. Just don't use it near a flame. ;-)

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  4. Hi Arlene. Sure understand how busy it is at this time of year. Been caught up in it myself. There is a product called Goo B Gone I have bought and it removes the sticky stuff nicely.

  5. Thanks folks, nice to know I'm not forgotten, and for the hints to get rid of the sticky gunge, I will be careful Horst. though there at times when it would be good to let some people see how much you've spent on them.... Only joking.
    You have my admiration Beth, plus my thanks for keeping me amused or otherwise with your blogs.

  6. Oh Hi Arlene just popped over before tea time. You are not forgotten keep up the good work. New Year nothing planned here so have a good evening catch you later .Hugs Wile-e and Sheila xx

  7. Hi Sheila, thanks for dropping by, it's beginning to feel a bit more like home now . :-) hugs to Wile-e

  8. For the sticky stuff left behind. A little WD-40 or even sometime regular vegetable oil rubbed in. What a great idea using a pressure washer to keep paver areas clean. Can probably even blast the weeds that might come up in between.

  9. I've had success with getting rid of the sticky stuff veg oil was about the best as WD40 and lighter fuel was smelly, but would be OK on non toiletries, so thank you all.
    I look forward to using the pressure washer Carrie, as the paving slabs not only get algaed up, but get a trifle smelly with dog wee, and though I was the Jeyes fluid disinfectant is good it can be a bit dangerous to the dogs if I'm not careful.


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