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Saturday, 31 December 2011


Well it’s New Years Eve, and the weather is miserable and damp, ideal for staying home, which I am doing this evening, the days of going out ‘first footing’ for me are well and truly over. I will go to bed at around my usual time of 10.30 pm and hopefully sleep through, then waken up to find it is 2012. and I’ll be approaching my 75th year. cor doesn’t time fly? I suppose like everyone else I will have a few nostalgic moments of reminiscing or years gone by, hopefully I won’t get too tearful, as it’s one area in which I am sentimental, but then they say all old folks get that way, so as long as i’m doing what the rest does, I shan’t worry too much.

I do often think of the days when my girls were little and of my dogs which have passed on.

I went to the library yesterday to stock up on  a few books, I’ve got back into a phase of reading historical novels, Just finished reading one about Lady Jane Grey a grand niece of King Henry V11th, she ruled for 9 days and was beheaded at 16, due to the ambition and ruthlessness of her parents, it was a damn good read and has whetted my appetite for more of the same that I may not have read, It was a fascinating period in English history., not a time to be up there with the Royals, as one wrong word, innocent or not could land you in the Tower or worse.

Have any of you got a kindle?  I don’t know if it would suit me, as I just love the feel and physicality of a book, looking at the cover and wondering what magical delights [or not] is inside. But then I’ve never handled a kindle, I could be judging them wrongly.

It’s almost time to take the dogs out, again, but at least the nights are getting a teeny bit lighter, so I can go out a tad later each week.

My younger daughter phoned this morning inviting me to come over to-morrow for late lunch, so that will be nice, and will help pass the time.

Catch you all later. BTW I haven’t wished anyone a Happy New Year as traditionally in Scotland we do it ‘after the bells’ that is 12 midnight to-night.

catch you all later.


  1. HAPPY NEW YEAR Arlene!

    Being of the same age group I too think about days gone by and happier times. At least the memories are still there.

    I have a Nook e-reader which I like very much. what I don't like about it is how much it costs. Most books by my favorite authors run $14.99 and that soon adds up because I love to read.


  2. Happy New Year, Arlene. Best wishes for 2012.

  3. I too think a lot of the good and bad days. That goes with the older bunch, at least I still have my I hope you and your fur babies have a happy and healthy new year.

    About the Liebster Award....Just right click on it and save it where you save your pictures, then on the gadget page, click 'Gadget'. Then when the little page comes up, you click on 'Picture'. Then the little page comes up and you will click on the choose button. Your Recent Documents page appears, click on it and then it appears on the little page. CLICK SAVE. It will appear on your gadget page. You can put a caption on it.
    I hope I didn't make it difficult because it's easy. You'll recall how to get a picture on your sidebar.

  4. Happy New Year to you Arlene, hope it is a good one :) xx

  5. Happy New Year, Arlene! My days of ringing in the new year came to a halt in 1991 when Frankie and I attended an "alcohol and drug free" New Year's Eve party thrown by one of my old running buddies. She was carrying Laura at the time and we both had given up the devil's brew a few months earlier. By midnight my party animal had resurfaced and I, along with nearly everyone else was rip roaring drunk, standing in the front yard cheering as the fire department worked at extinguishing Bob's Christmas tree and the large box of fireworks beneath it after Doc Burton had dropped his cigar in the box. Frankie had left a couple hours earlier and wouldn't talk to me for 2 days!

  6. Hi all, thank you for taking the time to visit me, i've been a bit naughty [busy] and haven't responded as quickly as I ought.
    I hope the New Year will bring you all some nice things, but top of the list Health,then contentment, after that you can please yourselves.
    I psoted on your blog about your Nook Beth, @Horst, thank you, @ Gr Granny, I have uploaded my award with pride, thank you, @ Poppy, same to you my friend, I .hope to visit you soon too
    @Chip, you do make me smile, such a typical comment from you, you're what we call a one off, and nothing you say or do surprises me. I think Frankie's been a brick to you all these years, but methinks also she can easily hold her own. Lovsya, take care all.XX

  7. Happy New Year. My hubby and I spent New Years and the night at a friends in town. Was only 8 of us for a small party. We played Wii sports games till just before midnight and just laughed our heads off watching each other try to do all the virtual sports competitions as well as balancing ones. What a way to end the year with 3 hours of non-stop laughter. Then we went outside in the cold and shot some fire works off at midnight. Was a nice end to the year. Hugs Carrie

  8. Hi Arlene just catching up Happy New Year to you and the Gals. What a windy night here and much the same around the UK. Kept losing the power , and is easing down now. Don't celebrate it any more much too tired , but had a lovely New Years Day talking to my family on the phone. Hugs Sheila and Wil-e xx

  9. Hi Carrie, your New year little party sounded fun, just the sort of thing \i like, had i been closer I'd have popped along. Happy New Year. X
    Sheila, I hope you're power is back to normal by now, Hugs to you and Wile-e XX


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