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Ruby and Tango
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Sunday, 7 October 2012

Busy day

It's been a lovely day to-day after a chilly start. First of all  I had to go and fill up with petrol, then pop into Sainsbury's to do some shopping, I got home about mid-day, decided to have an early lunch and get some gardening chores done.
I mentioned previously I hadn't sorted out my new lawn mower, so that was the first job on the list, After a little struggle, not hard,  just awkward trying to hold it level while I fitted the handle, I then cut the lawns. It took a little while to get used to it, as it has wheels and my other was a hover mower.
Job done, I then decided to clear the plants out of the pots that were looking past their best, and from there, to moving pots around, just for effect. It's amazing the size of the worms that accumulate under the pots, I suppose the dark and wet are ideal conditions for them. I scoop them up and relocate them, as I don't like to think they might dehydrate or something, we have to look after all creatures, don't we.
 A little bit of pruning here and there, just to tidy up, then after a good sweep round, and a glass of squash, it was time to take the dogs out again as it was 5 o'clock, Time flies when you are busy and enjoying yourself, though I do ache a bit LOL.  A couple of Paracetomol with my supper will soon put me to rights.
Ah well,  the week end is almost over, I hope yours was a good one. take care and keep warm.

Thank you for visiting and please come back, Arlene, Tango and Ruby


  1. Wooo, you have had a busy day. I didn't know they made hover mowers.

    1. Oh yes they do make hover mowers, Gr Gran, glide over they surface beautifully. never mind I'll just have to get used to the wheeled one. Having a lazier day to-day though, it's a drizzly one.

  2. You have been bust Arlene , you sure do make the most of your day.Did you manage to cut your grass , maybe not as wet as mine then. Good job all round well done.
    Hugs to you and the Gals. xx

  3. Hi Sheila, yes it was a full and busy day and tobe honest I wish I could fill all my days like it. But it's not possible really. I did get the grass cut, it was wet and it got a little bit chewed up, so I raised the wheels and it was not too bad, not as short as I'd have liked, so I may have to do it again before the season ends.
    Things are winding down.

  4. Oooh dear! Great big worms!! Not sure I like that idea too much Arlene ;) Isn't it lovely to get one or two days like this weekend - warm and sunny like a late summers day, I'm glad you were able to enjoy getting out and so much got done. Very satisfying and great for the spirits though maybe not for the bones and the muscles! A new lawn mower? You are going up in the world! Hopefully it made life easier for you :) It was so refreshing to have a warm sunny weekend...I wonder if we'll get anymore...I enjoyed getting out in it too. Sadly we're back to dark skies and rain all day today but that makes us appreciate and enjoy the good days all the more :) Wolfie hugs and tail wags to Tango and Ruby :)

  5. My word Wolfie, you are spoiling me with all these visits, I'm not complaining, love to see you and I can do with all the visitors I can get.
    My old lawn mower gave up after 15 years with a lot of groaning and puffs of smoke.
    The weather is awful here, it hasn't stopped drizzling all day, roll on summer, Tango and Ruby say thank you for the hugs and tail wags, returning them with gusto.


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