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Ruby and Tango
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Friday, 11 October 2013

The weather etc.

Well the long lovely summer appears to have finally come to an end, the weather forecast at the beginning of the week was that it would get colder, much colder, they weren’t wrong, already I’ve been sorting out the scarves and gloves, The wind was keen and the temperature drop was 10 degrees. Brrrr, They also forecast rain by the end of the week, again, they got it right, pity they can’t be more accurate with good weather, FreezingNow now stop complaining Arlene, this isn’t a rant post.

I managed to get most of the gardening sorted out, I put up some rush screening behind the newly planted bit, as the wind whistles through the trellising, I have a couple more plants to find spots for, including the poppies !

I picked up some nice bright yellow Chrysanthemums from the cheapo supermarket Lidl, but they’ll just have to wait.

I took a few cuttings, which are all tucked up round the back where the frost can’t get to them [I hope]

We have a Quiz night with my dance group tomorrow evening, Arlene and Martin plus Lisa [gr’daughter] and her husband are coming to add their brainpower. Nerd smile

I decided I’d do a little bit of baking, just some small cakes for the coffee break.

I went through some cookery books I had for inspiration but couldn’t find anything different, or maybe I didn’t have a particular ingredient, don’t you just hate that, when you fancy something to bake and you’ve to add something you’ve never heard of far less know where to buy it. Anyhow I went back to my old tried and trusted Exciting Cooking from 1960, it never fails me. BUT when I open it I have to be ever so careful as the pages are so brittle they are crumbling round the edges. so I went online to find a new one, and I’ve tracked down a couple of 2nd hand for under a Tenner, New is £25 + P&P I’m sure the second hand offering couldn’t be worse than mine. Smile

Don’t fancy taking Roobs for a walk this pm, but she’s slobbed around all day, so it’s a must.

Catch you later, have a nice weekend in case I don’t post before.

oh I’ve got my external drive plugged in and am transferring all my photos from this Laptop, been meaning to do it for ages, heard of someone the other day who had a computer crash .and lost everything. Steaming mad

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  1. I have sorted all my scarves and gloves I appear to have loads.
    Hope you find many exciting recipes in your semi new cookbook. I love making Curries , warms you up this time of year.
    Have a great Week. x Sheila x


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