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Saturday, 1 November 2014

The Pain of Posting

Is it any wonder that the Post Office is complaining about losing money, I had a friend's birthday coming up and was a bit late in sending a card, two days before it. , so I decided to go out early to catch the first pick up, or so I thought, Now I normally just pop the card in a box and think no more of it. I saw the tie of pick up was 5.15 pm , so decided to drive the couple of miles further on to the sorting office. I gave the card to the clerk and he pointed out that the letter was a bit thick for a normal 2nd class stamp, He demo'd putting it through he slot thing and it was about 1mm too thick., he suggested if I put another stamp on it would cover the cost.,   I didn't have my purse so couldn't buy another stamp right then, on the way back home I stopped at the newsagent to buy a stamp, BUT.... they didn't sell the singly only in books and I didn't have enough small change in the car, this shop by the way used to be a post office ! The lady behind the counter was sympathetic to my predicament and bless her, gave me a stamp from her own purse and wouldn't accept any payment, How kind is that. Hopefully my friend got ther card on time, her birthday was to-day but haven't heard anything.
I cost me over £1 to send the card. I'd made it [my new hobby] and there were some flowers with a pearl in the middle and that was what raised up the height. .
I'm thinking of doing a new Blog to show off my cards. P1010421

Thank you for visiting and please come back, Arlene, Tango and Ruby


  1. Same here Arlene a 5 30pm slot for pick up. Puts me in a pickle at times for those Birthday Cards.
    In the future I don't think they will deliver at all in the Country side rural areas. We Will have to collect it from the Post store. Well that's my guess anyway.
    Have a lovely Sunday come rain or shine , dodging the Sun and showers today.
    Hugs Sheila x

  2. Hi Sheila, thanks for comment on here, lonely, isn't it. LOL I do hope you're prediction of no post delivery isn't going to happen, what an awful thought. I had a rotten day to-day, It started off OK, bright sunshine and a good walk along the beach with dogs, firstly washed all dog bedding and put it on the line. A neighbour had been trying to get me to go out for a meal with her for ages, so we agreed on to-day, we went to the Conservative club, what a miserable place full of really old fogies, like 90+ the neighbour was at her most boring, aren't I awful, but she truly can't keep her mind on one conversation for more than ten secs, and that's usually about her gardener or cleaning woman, never listens nor comments, , anyhow it started raining and all I could think of was my poor washing., she told me she gets her sheets washed and ironed weekly for £6 ! so much easier than doing it yourself, YAWN, I couldn't wait to get home.
    Aren't I a horrible old lady. Here's a couple of photos of this morning then I'm going to watch Strictly results


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