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Ruby and Tango
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Wednesday, 25 May 2016

The young girl's tale................conclusion?

A few years ago I posted up my life story, called ‘ The young girl’s tale.’  well here I am at 1 am feeling the need to bring it up to date, as there have been several interesting things happen in the past six months.

   I had an email pop into my inbox two or three times which I dismissed as spam without opening as I didn’t recognise the sender.  I then  had one from my grand-daughter’s husband telling me that a certain lady was trying to contact me., it turned out to be the one who had been mailing.     I retraced back onto the originals and it asked what connection I had with Edith Masters as it was her mother…………… After several sensitive and probing questions it turns out that it was my half sister,  Linda.   I had been traced through an ancestry programme which my grandson  in law  had been filling in details.

We had a lengthy phone call and I was filled in with a few details of the past.

I also , through Face Book, had connections with other members of my ‘’other’’ family of whom I knew nothing.      It was quite exciting  yet strange and a feeling of un-realness  about it.    My daughters were quite intrigued by it  especially after all these years.    It seems life with Edith and Louis was not all a bed of roses, and there had been many unfortunate happenings throughout the years.

We corresponded for a while but then it started to fade a bit, and now it has become almost nil.

How do I feel about it all ? to be honest I don’t really know, it’s as though it never happened, as so many years have passed and so much has happened in all of our lives we are as strangers, yet surely there must be a bond somewhere.  I’m not sure if whether or not  I  regret it opening up .

One  family member has kept in touch a bit more and seems to want to continue to keep in touch, but even that is spasmodic.

I feel it has all been part of a dream which is now  all fading back into the past from where it came from .. in a way I feel quite happy that I have found them, albeit for a short time, as it seems to have filled a void that was always there. ,though a bit sad that it has been so many years missed out of our lives.  But  it can never take the place of my family I have now , my beloved girls , grandchildren and great grandchildren.

But If any of you wish to keep in touch again, please do so , as I’d hate to think it has all been just a touch of ‘’ships passing in the night’’ 

Thank you for visiting and please come back, Arlene, Tango and Ruby

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