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Friday, 15 October 2010

Am I going mad

I've just logged on to a Word Press that I'm doing, and I can't find out how to get back into the dashboard to do some editing, What on earth has happened, the blog shows up with the posts, but nowhere can I see where to get the dashboard back, I've done it loads of times so I know it's there somewhere, help please


  1. I don't think you're going mad. I've kept my dashboard page in my farourites, then I just go from there. I know on mine at the top, it says 'Dashboard' in the dropdown menu under 'My Blog' and on the left hand side column or sidebar or whatever it's called, it says 'Dashboard' there too and both take me to the dashboard. This whole thing is rather mind boggling isn't it?

    Here's the URL for my WordPress,
    My profile name is CatsRuS aka Robyn there as well.

    I've got my permissions set for everyone at the mo, I hope you can get in to see it. How do I add friends?
    I suppose one day we'll all get this figured out.....I hope. lol

  2. How frustrating. I hope you get the problem solved soon.

  3. hi there.
    concerned of Hampshire...
    follow this link..>
    and you enter your log in details at the top left hand corner..ipso facto....takes you to your Dashboard..for tinkering and stuff..
    Bess's stopped being sick...thank the lord..xPenx

  4. I think you will find at top at left hand side next your profile?

  5. I look at your in here it seems different set up than mins, I normally click to someone then you will find Dashboard at top of yours...
    try this I am as much same as you always get lost
    in my space:-)
    Have a great weekend,

  6. Arlene I know what you mean had the same problem, it is at the top as Michiko says. Good Luck you will find it you are not alone. Nice day here for a change heading for the garden soon. Enjoy your day Hugs Sheila

  7. Hi Arlene I have just had the same i had to go into DESIGN then DASHBORD to write this
    Thats what i keep asking isn't there a easier way to answer someone when they leave you a comment ?
    Also i tried to get into your guestbook but i couldn't did you put it on and how do you get into it to leave a message
    Ha ha ah .....poor old girls we are do you think we will ever work it all out

  8. Arlene, I had the same problem and go to your search and type in
    Then you will find on top left for your uaername and password....when you find your dashbard, put it on faves, then it'll be there for you. You need to set up some widgets (theirs). One is called Meta). It has your 'Log in/ Log out' widget....

  9. If you're talking W/P dashboard try 2nd menu top of page, and click drop down arrow... dashboard should be 1st on list :)But none of it will show if you're not signed in ok? Don't sign in and it'll just show you your blog page minus the menu bar at the top. Hope that helps.

  10. Thanks Wolfie, I posted a blog to say I think I got it sorted.
    Have a good weekend


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