Ruby and Tango

Ruby and Tango
Me 'n' Ruby and of course Tango

Thursday, 28 October 2010


I'd put a page up so that I could reply to comments, but I'm not sure if anyone has used it, so I'll just say that I understood what you meant Robyn, I did check out the site and, no, the backgrounds aren't quite as colourful. but I'm sure there are many sites on the net anyway. and of course everyone is perfectly at liberty to follow the instructions, they're not exclusive, it's just that Lorraine has asked a few times and I thought maybe she wasn't getting the private replies.
I've got my daughter coming up any time now so I'll not be back on here till this evening, there are lots of comments on other people's blogs I want to catch up on,, busy, busy.


  1. I wish I could use my own background, not possible, I guess. I do appreciate your help, thanks.

  2. I went to the cutest blog website. It is wonderful, so many pretty things. Thank you so very much!

  3. Why can't you use your background Gr,Gran?
    ANd I hope you find something to suit you Beth


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