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Ruby and Tango
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Monday, 29 November 2010

No Shortbread

Stupid Arlene, checked that I had enough flour to make said shortie, started to get the ingredients together, and.......................................NO CORNFLOUR, ggggrrrrrr, well I wasn't going to go back out to the shop to buy some, so back to the old faithful Quick Teacake, we've got a party night at the club to-night so I couldn't go without my contribution, anyhow this cake is just so easy and quick, no rolling or creaming  and voilĂ , here it be, if anyone wants the recipe
8 oz SR flour ,4 oz white sugar,4 oz mixed fruit pinch salt, beaten egg added to a small teacup milk
just mix dry ingredients add the egg and milk pop in oven 50 -55 mins gas 4.

I've added a bit of glace fruit just for decoration


  1. That looks GOOD! I can almost smell it and taste it from here. Arlene, when you say "mixed fruit", are you saying the mixed fruit in a can? or is it from a package and dried?
    All this talk of food today is making me crave sweets and that is soooo rare for me. I tend to go salty, but this recipe and then Beth's for a candy have got my taste buds in an uproar.

  2. I've had that happen to me too, never mind, the teacake looks delicious Arlene, I've copied the recipe, thanks for posting it. Have fun tonight.

  3. Least I can understand your recipe, because I can't understand the ingredients at Beth Marie's. Mind you we stopped using oz's a few years back and our recipes state 50 g butter, which is just a weight measurement instead of ounces and pounds we use gms and kgs. But I can understand yours.
    Hugs Lady Jude

  4. I agree with everyone, that looks so, so good, AND any left?... Hmm? lol!! xPenx

  5. Hi folks, the teacake all went last night at the little party, BTW Jenny it's mixed dried fruit with peel, currants raisins and sultanas.
    It does go down well with the crowd as it's quite filling and not too sweet. Nice spread with butter too.
    I bought cornflour to-day so I will make my shortbread for the Christmas party on the 18th Dec.
    Glad we're on the same wavelength Lady Jude, I must admit I'm not really keen on the gms either, most of my cookbooks thankfully have both.


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