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Sunday, 28 November 2010

Shortbread recipe

Before I forget.
Highland shortbread
8 oz plain flour
4 oz cornflour
4 oz icing sugar
8 oz firm butter
Oven 3, or C or 350 degrees
Sift dry ingredients in a bowl, slightly soften butter, add, and rub in well, be careful not to let it 'oil' 
Knead and blend till a stiff consistency [no liquid required]
Turn on to a floured board and roll out to form two rounds or squares about 1/4 inch thick.
Prick top with a fork and fork mark round edges and sip into lightly greased sandwich  or square tins.
Bake in rather slow oven one shelf lower than middle, for 40 minutes till a pale biscuit colour.
Cut carefully into triangles or squares while warm.
Leave in tins till cold, then sprinkle with caster sugar,
This cookery book is over 50 years old and is beginning to disintegrate, but is a mine of info and super recipes.


  1. Thanks for this yummy recipe, I love the old tattered cookbook, if only it could talk.

  2. YUMMMM! I've copied it and dropped it into my recipes to try SOON. Thank you so much, Arlene :)
    I have 2 very old books like that. One from my great aunt who would be 150 yrs old now and another from my great grandmother that would be about the same age. I wouldn't part with either book for anything, and they are so tattered and so worn and yellowed. I think the interesting part of the old, old recipes are that they rarely say "1 tsp", etc. It's always a dab or a pinch or a big of whatever. Gotta love it.
    xoxoxo to you and to Tango from me, Lucy & Sam :D

  3. You'll love the shortie, I'm just going to make mine now.
    I had an even older cookbook, but left it when I left my ex, and he wouldn't give it me. :-((
    It was Scottish and in one recipe called 'Hatted kit' you had to take the dish to the cow and squeeze the milk on, that was calling 'Hatting the Kit' can you imagine it? I can't remember the rest of the recipe, needless to say not having a cow handy I didn't try out the recipe.

  4. Sluuurrp! Heading for the kitchen...your kitchen that is!!!! :)

  5. If you've made some shortbread, no wonder my nose for food is twitching... Pretty please?.... lovely!!....;-)
    Woofs and licks, from her maj,Bess. to you an' Tango.. x

  6. mmmmm i can smell it all now
    Will def try the shortbread will let you know
    Thats if i can get all the stuff here otherwise i will have to wait till i get back
    Thanks for the recipe's

  7. You'll have to wait a week or so now Pen, and Lo, I can't see why you can't get the ingredients as they are very basic.


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