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Ruby and Tango
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Saturday, 18 June 2011

Just a few photos

Hi I was clearing my computer desktop and realized I had a few photos I had left on there to blog about, , but they’re just photos with and not much else, but here they are anyhow.

2 lazy dogs    This is two lazy dogs, what a lovely life eh?


  chaffinch feedingThe baby chaffinch looks a bit bigger than the Mum on here

 bird nest 1bird nest 2 I found this little nest on the recreation ground

but as it was about 30’ away from the line of conifers I think it may have been scavenged by the crows that are  resident there.  I couldn’t see any signs of eggs or young, I can only hope it was empty when hitting the ground. It is so beautifully made, hours of work must go into making these nests, I don’t know what bird, possibly a chaffinch, too small for a blackie.

new curtainsnewcurtains by sink

I meant to put these on last week, this is my new curtains in the kitchen.


This is the state of my piggy bank after the kitchen make-over

time 4 tea

Time for a cuppa and a cake

Well that’s it folks just filling in the time.

Weather permitting to-morrow we are having a family day out at Kimmeridge bay . will take the camera and the camcorder, so we’ll see what transpires.


  1. I enjoyed the pictures Arlene! Your kitchen is absolutely beautiful. Love the curtains too!

  2. I enjoyed the pictures. Love your new curtains. I know you must be so enjoying the new kitchen. The cuppa and cake sounds good I think I will go have some. :) Hugs

  3. Poor little piggy!!!! I hope he gets nice and fat again soon, but I am sure your new kitchen is worth it. Love the curtains, and I am on my way over for tea and cake :):) xx

  4. Well Arlene I must say those curtains do look very pretty , and that window overlooking your garden whist you are washing up just the ticket. That piggy gave me a chuckle .... Yes it is indeed a dogs life how much time do they spending snoozing I wonder in their lifetime.I have also seen a few nest's that have dropped out of the Fir trees here in my garden. I like to think that they are empty and nesting season is over, lots of baby chicks around.I do hope the weather stays dry for your day out have fun. Hugs Sheila and Wile-e :) xx

  5. Hi Arlene

    Sorry I have not been on for a while hope you are well
    I like the new kitchen very posh....Enjoy

    Love the look of the piggy better start feeding him again

    Keep well
    Love as always
    Lo xxxx

  6. Your kitchen looks great and I also like you curtains.

  7. Hi Arlene,
    I loved all the photos specially your bright kitchen with beautiful curtains and look out at outside views.

  8. Hi Arelene every time I look at that little piggy I laugh, have a lovely evening Hugs Sheila xxand Wile- e :) :)

  9. Just dropping by to say hello Arlene, and hoping your little piggy is feeling much healthier ... Hugs to you, Tango and Ruby, from li'l ole me. xPenx

  10. Sweet Arlene and sweet Tango we so enjoy all your visits to our blog. We were a little sad reading your comment today Tango. You did get an was there on the page you just forgot to take it. We left it there for you and we hope you will go grab it and accept it because you do deserve it. We love your blog. Hugs and nose kisses


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