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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Conversation pieces

Got over the drenching of sunday, the tent has dried out the report has been put up on the Obedience forum the various articles for scent etc have been cleaned and put away till next show

Which puts me on to the subject of the weather, it makes a great talking point here in the uk, and makes a good conversation opener even with complete strangers,

Before I drove and relied on buses, when standing in the queue, it was almost obligatory to mention the weather, such as, it's a nice day,or cold isn’t it, wasn’t it wet yesterday,they forecast snow, blinking freezing last night, and so on, of course that's if there was someone else in the queue !

I wonder what we’d talk about if we didn’t have such diverse weather. somehow the cost of food or fuel or even the bank rate is more depressing and not so varied.

When I’m out walking the dogs it’s usually the daily greeting, ‘warmer this morning’, ' hope it clears up, i’m hoping to get back befrore it rains,'  'as it’s such a nice day i’ll make the walk longer' , and so on, you could write a book on the various weather greetings.

When I was a young mum and travelled by bus with my two daughers, i’d strike up a conversation at the bus stop as you do, and of course the topic was the weather, Arlene or Karen would say   ‘do you know that person mum’?  when i’d say no, they’d look a bit concerned and ask why I spoke to them,ha ha,

One time, Arlene, my older daughter  who was a bit shyer, said before we went on an outing, please don’t talk to any strangers to-day mum, you tell us not to! ., Well, there’;s a bit of young wisdom, but I'm sorry to say it didn’t make a jot of difference, as I’m a natural chatterer.

When I was a little wee girl in Glasgow, mum used to tie me to the front garden gate to stop me straying, as I was also a bit of a  wanderer,  I’d speak to everyone who passed, when the workmen were coming home from work asking them if they’d had a good day, They'd smile and pat me on the head saying Not too bad lass'  Much more innocent days then, but I can’t recall talking about the weather. 

Thank you for visiting and please come back, Arlene, Tango and Ruby


  1. Hi Arlene, I think if no one ever talked to each other than this would be a worse off world. I do the same as you, it is easy for me to make friends. The less we talk to each other than there would be even more crime and misunderstandings. You can see this in marriages when they don't speak to each other then all kinds of problems arise.

  2. Very true Horst, I still find it easy to strike up conversations with people, but maybe they just reply to humour the old dear. LOL

  3. I always visit with my neighbor when I am standing in line for something. Makes the time pass faster.

  4. Glad you've recovered from your soggy weekend, Arlene...X
    Oh yes, the weather is a good opener, but here in Lincoln it more likely to be a whinge about the bus service! (I noticed that about Lincolnians when we first moved here in '75...they can be a whiney bunch!!)
    If I'm catching a bus into town, and there's a regular at the bus stop, then it's usually about having to run for the bus, as I've a ten minute walk and two busy roads to try and cross to get there!

  5. I too love talking to people when I am out and about. I can usually always see or think of something to start a conversation. Pets and babies are always good conversation openers for me. I really enjoyed this post. Hugs

  6. Thanks to all for your visits and comments. interesting about the buses Sandi, I do remember that was also a popular topic.

  7. The weather you are right there Arlene, well today it has rained much of the day and feeling a a bit chilly. I just loved that about when you were a a little girl , I can just imagine you . Don't suppose you have any photo's ... Just a thought. Hugs Sheila and Wile-e x Hope the gals are doing ok. x

  8. Hiya Arlene, Tango and Ruby, just me dropping by as I'm signed in on Blogger for a change. (don't fall over in a faint, I know I'm a lazy so and so...)... Just been re-reading "In a Dogs eyes," and the tears come ...and that's why my typing is so chronic, (my excuse anyway!!) ... have a great week-end in the rain, (we've got grey and threatening skies) xPenx


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