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Ruby and Tango
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Monday, 13 June 2011

Didn't it rain!

I don’t know what you lot were doing yesterday if you were in the parts of the UK that experienced very heavy rain after the prolonged period of drought.
Well, I was standing in the middle of a field with other like minded people judging a dog show, Did I get wet, you bet I did, it started raining when I left home at 7 am and was still raining at 10 pm when I went to bed, I changed my clothes twice at the show, but was still wet at the end of the day which was around 5 pm.
You couldn’t recognise anyone as they were all garbed up like deep sea trawler men, I saw someone look at me at one point, and wondered who it was, it looked like Darth Vader, till I saw the dog, it was Widget! with my friend Sue.
Fortunately we have tents for the person who keeps the scores and our assorted clothing, spare jackets, trousers,wellingtons etc.
My judging sheets were sopping and some had to be ditched as unreadable,
I’ve never in over forty years of judging experience judged in  such conditions lasting the whole day.
I thought I could get away without changing clothes again for the journey home, just taking off outer garments, was I wrong, my trousers and jumper was damp, so the car steamed up it was raining hard so opening the windows wasn’t an option, so I put on the blowers, yikes, mistake, the cold air blowing on my damp clothes was not pleasant. Lucky it was only an hours drive. and was I glad to get indoors to a hot bath, changed into night clothes and a hot cuppa.
Last week’s show was cold, I now wonder with a bit of apprehension what the next one in July will be like.
To-day started off a bit gloomy but has brightened up and the sun is shining, the tent is outside drying off, also my two sopping wet jackets, waterproof trousers and socks.
The poor dogs didn’t get much of a walk yesterday but I got up early[ish] and we were out walking at 8 am just come back from a 2 pm one and will go back out at 6pm before I go to my dancing club.
It just goes to prove the dedication some people have for their chosen hobby, I used to be the same when I competed. But you have the choice, unfortunately when contracted to judge you haven’t.  Just as well I like it., on a nice day it’s a pleasure.

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  1. Oh, my! Wish you could have shared a little of the rain with us so you would not have gotten wet so many times. Have a great day today and I hope it is beautiful there. Hugs and nose kisses for all from all of us.

  2. They have promised us a couple of nice days then I think all change again. Have a bucket handy, and I'll fill it for you. mind the cats though, they don't like it LOL give them some purrs back x

  3. I hope that you don't get a cold after being the downpour like that all day.
    Probably when you judge next in July it will be too hot.

  4. At least you made it through all that rain.

  5. A dog show in the pouring rain??? Oh Arlene, I hope you don't get pneumonia or anything like that!! You take care and look after yourself...many hugs...XXX

  6. Yes folks I'm still alive and kicking after my soaking.


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