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Ruby and Tango
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Saturday, 27 November 2010

To-morrows doings

Got a busy day tomorrow, First Tango's walk, it takes me longer to get all my clothes on than it does to walk him as it's sooooooo cold. but no snow here yet.
Then off to lunch in celebration for St Andrew's day [the patron saint of Scotland], then to my great grandson's second birthday celebrations. I've charged up the camera and the cam corder so I hope to get some photos.
Tommy is the image of his dad and typical little 2 yr old boy, damn hard work! I'd rather have a kennel load of dogs.Happy birthday Tommy

On Monday night we're celebrating again at the dance club, as usual we have to take food, and I'll be baking some Scottish Shortbread, it's an old recipe and it's mouthwatering. I'll save you ll some.


  1. The terrible two' Happy Birthday, Tommy ! We'll be looking for photos of the birthday boy.
    That shortbread is mouthwatering and I've made some in the past, probably not the same recipe.

  2. Hey, Arlene... oh yeah, new page design! Nice! But all of yours are! What's even better is the person behind it all -- you. Your posts are so good and I love coming here :D
    Hey, that shortbread looks delish! You should post your recipe. I'd make it for sure!
    Take lots of pics and maybe a vid or 2 and post them of your grandson's birthday. Make sure someone holds the cam to get YOU into the shots, too :D

  3. Arlene, I came back to tell you something about the "leaves" falling. Clicking on the blogamation word will take you to a spot where you might see another place to click saying 2 moms talking blog. Click on that. Then scroll down a bit and you will see them talking about the leaves and the codes for both executions. They will have a spot to click on to pick up both codes to use and instructions on how to do it. Hope that helps you and explains it a bit better.

  4. Hi Arlene

    When you get this you would have had your busy day hope you had a nice time

    Please Please pretty Please can i have the recipe of the shortbread......I love shortbread

  5. Happy Birthday Tommy, and don't wear out your grandma too much...and did you mention food at all Arlene? Thought so, nothing wrong with my 'food sensor' .. Mmm Mmm, xPenx

  6. Happy Birthday to Tommy. My how the time has just flown by! I remember the blog you did when Tommy was born.
    Looking forward to seeing some pics of the birthday boy.
    Mmmm, I love shortbread. My mouth is watering just looking at the pic.


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