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Thursday, 16 December 2010

Comments or Conversation

I've been pondering for some time on how to word this blog, I think about it, then leave off, then when I log on to blogger again it re-surfaces, and it has become such a puzzlement I'm grasping the bull by the horns and saying my piece.
A short while ago when one of our blog friends on here was struggling with starting her blog, she asked me about replying to comments, I tried to give her the answer, but TBH I think I skirted round the issue as I wasn't sure that I really knew myself, or I thought I did, but didn't.
To begin ; you submit a post, and invite comments, which if you are lucky you get, on one or two comments there is something you would like to reply to personally, now, what is the best way of doing so, by putting a comment on your own space with a reference to the person or, go into their space and leave them a comment appertaining to the one they left? but where?
Another puzzlement to me, you read someone's blog, find it interesting enough to leave a comment and maybe ask a question about the subject, You often don't get a reply, as some people appear not to go back to their blogs and read the comments, or if they do, don't give any feedback , so to my way of thinking, it's like having a conversation with the hand cos the face ain't listening

I've often read a new blog, liked it enough to leave a comment, and you hear nothing more, and it can be difficult to keep tabs on who you've visited.
 It's one reason why I'm thinking of dispensing with WP as I get about two comments and one of them is already on here,
 I find I'm losing track of people because of the lack of continuity of conversation, I wonder if anyone else feels as I do, or perhaps no one actually understands what I'm saying. I put on an extra page for comments on this blog, hoping that it would be used for replies to comments, but it hasn't been.

In WLS we had the luxury of posting direct to our own space, comments on others' space and sending private massages, Now that's the bit I miss on here., and not everyone wishes to divulge their email addy.

I often feel quite guilty that I haven't maybe visited someone for a while, but then I think 'have they read what I said' why don't they reply.


  1. Yes, Arlene, I know what you're saying and it's hard sometimes. I go to people's pages at LEAST 2 times to see if there's anymore of a reply, etc, and then go back to my own to see if maybe the reply is there,lol. It's a neverending blog walk! If I could have my druthers, I would like something akin to what WLS did, too. I would like to see a main page of "what's new", so that I could see if there was a reply or not to even click on. Now when WLS added that, some did not like it at all because they thought it sort of took away their privacy from a comment, but there were always the settings that could fix that. Me? I don't care who sees anything I write. To me, if a person decides to blog, they really need to get used to the idea of not so much privacy in their dealings on the internet.
    Whew, I wrote a lot to you, didn't I -- and all that just to say that I agreed, lol :D

  2. Well I'm a bit guilty there of not replying to comments left on my site, I do if they have asked a question I think to myself if I respond to one I'll have to respond to them all and I lack imagination as what to say mind you I only write poetry.
    Have a lovely week
    Hugs Lady Jude

  3. Thanks Jenny, I'm glad that you can get my drift and have some understanding of what I'm trying to say, just to let me know I'm not just a haverin' numpty, I haven't been to see you fr a day or so, and i will remedy that now, Lady Jude, I'd love a reply in rhyme, now wouldn't that be worth checking back for. LOL, thanks both for replies.
    Sometimes I feel a bit miffed because I don't get a lot of replies, but probably it's for the best, as I wold never get time to reply. I had to turf Ruby off my knee to get my laptop on in her place. she'll probably sulk now.

  4. Hey, Arlene...decided to give you a break from clicking that mouse and I'd answer your question over here. Here's what I do for embedding a vid onto my blog. First, make the vid and then go to youtube and post it. When it uploads there, it will give you 2 codes, one being the "embed" code. Minimize youtube, go to LiveWriter, do your blog and when you're ready to embed the vid, look at the top where it says Insert and choose video. A box will pop up and you can click into the little space and paste the embed code from youtube. That's all there is to it.
    (((BIG hug for visiting me)))

  5. Now I hope you come back here to read this reply and it is just the thing that I've been trying to highlight, many thanks for having the brainwave of posting an answer on here, I really do seem to spend a lot of time jumping back and forward to blogs looking for replies, hey ho, I could do worse.. hee, hee, I'll leave you to guess what!
    I'll have a go at that Jenny, maybe tomorrow as it's gone 10 pm and almost bedtime, def, too late to try and test the old brain with new techie stuff. bless you for your continuance. [new word]

  6. "new word", LOL and a good one at that. Yes, I was going to drop by and see if you needed any more info on how to's on the vid, but I see you're fine. It's pretty easy so I don'think you'd ever have any problem with it.
    And now I'm off for the 10 blog walk of the day -- you know how it is :D

  7. Yes Arlene I know what you are saying ,I mostly do keep an eye on my last post to see if any added comments have been made. WLS was a bit more clear and it doesn't matter if amynone reads my reply's. It is an open book on here. Don't worry Arlene it is easy to miss a post or two done it myself. Have a lovely Friday xx Sheilax

  8. I agree with everything Jenny said!
    I sometimes forget to go back and read new comments. I will have to watch that carefully/

  9. HI Arlene,
    I always try to answer any comment on my blogs on someones own Blog...Even if a question hasn't been asked I like to say thanks for the comment and usually someones done a new posting of their own and I can comment to that one too...
    I don't think there's any set rule, it's just what works for you best, and isn't it a shame that going back and forth doesn't use up any calories..!! I for one would be glad to lose some weight before Christmas...'cos I'm absolutely sure to put some on my willpower gives up the ghost at the first temptation!!
    Lots of hugs to you 'n Tango n' Ruby...and Bess says yes, she'll be Ruby's older but not wiser sister, and ....of course you can borrow the Magic hat, it's over there behind you!! Can't you 'see' it ? ;-) lol!!

  10. LOL thanks all for comments.
    Over on my Word press blog, which is the same as this BTW, TG came up with a few pointers, but most which I think we know, but that it would be a good idea if there was a reply gadget at the side of each comment on here as in Word press so you could answer to that specific one, a good idea, yes. Several people did try and explain what and how to do it, but I was only trying to say that when there's no feedback from to your comments, it makes you wonder if i'm talking a load of codswallop, LOL maybe they#re trying to tell me something. ANd the only place that loses calories on here is your 'mouse' finger.
    Now I've got the hat, I'm wishing that the winter would b****R off and give us some warm sunshine. [selfish or what?]
    Off out with dogs now.

  11. Hey Arlene, as you know I'm always leaving comments, you must be getting tired of them by now. I try to visit as many people as I can, when I can, and always leave comments, even if they don't want them. ;-)

  12. No way Horst, I will never tire of comments, good or bad, I appreciate them all, thank you

  13. Arlene, I don't usually reply to a comment on my blog,thinking that they won't be back to read it as they have so many to visit. I try to go back to see if new comments have been added. If a question is asked then it's best to go to their blog and make reference to it and then answer.

  14. Hi Arlene, I'm not on Blogger much these days at all, but I do try and respond to comments left on my blogs. Only problem is my blogs aren't read much because no one gets my updates, hence some blogs don't get read at all, I've all but given up. I wish there was a way to have my blog set to my followers so that you could all get my updates. (There must be a way, I must be overlooking something perhaps?) *feeling puzzled* lol
    It seems the only way people get my updates is if my privacy settings are set to 'everyone'.
    I do enjoy popping in now and again to read what you've all been up to. I always enjoy your posts Arlene. :)


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