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Ruby and Tango
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Friday, 17 December 2010

Please don't snow

Please don't snow tomorrow, sixteen of us are going to a birthday celebration to-morrow evening and as the pub is in a rural country road, we won't be able to go, It's the birthday of two of our dancing group, Mary and Digby. Remember when I went to Jersey last month? well due to the ferry being delayed we missed Veronica's birthday [another member] so please don't snow, I need the fun and merriment  we have at these little get togethers.
It's bitterly cold outside, I don't envy these poor dogs of mine  having to go outside to answer the call of nature.
I'm just watching Cher on TV, it's amazing watching her, her eyes are the only things on her face that moves. miaow. sorry couldn't resist that one,


  1. Lol, poor Cher, but she still has a terrific voice and she's a good person :D
    I hope it doesn't snow for you, too. Back country roads are really awful then. Even if it doesn't snow and all of you decided to go, take a couple of very warm blankets to pack into the car just in case of any breakdowns. Have to be prepared. If you are, nothing happens, but if you aren't, the world comes crashing down.
    Just so you know, lol, I had the whole day to spend in laziness with no makeup and never changing out of my pjs. LOVED it!

  2. I hope it doesn't snow for you there and I hope we don't get anymore here either. :-)

  3. now didn't you say you wore the hat yesterday? so of course the Snowman lined up correctly!! AND you wished the snow would just um....go away?. so belief being the operative word, it will and It'll stay away or else!! Happy Celebrating!!
    and Cher?..I watched too, and wondered what would happen if she roared with laughter ...maybe best not to....tho' I will say, I do love her singing and acting...marvellous talent.
    licks and hugs from my pack to yours...xPenx

  4. Yes I agree Jenny Cher is a great singer and good actress, I am naughty but I just think it funny to see the mouth only opening at the bottom. Smaccked wrist. for Arlene
    That sounds like a super day in my book lazing around all day in your pj's, but I think the neighbours would talk when I took the dogs out. LOL
    Yes Beth I was unlucky,:-((
    I own up to scepticism Pen, I should have had more faith in the hat.,serves me right huh?
    I think we should loan it to Cher and perhaps she could wish for her expression back!! and she could burst into laughter with no worries, oh dear Arlene do behave. Thanks all for your comments and good wishes.

  5. The dog (Ruby) has jumped on my laptop and broken two keys on the keyboard! hells bells, this is not my lucky day


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