Ruby and Tango

Ruby and Tango
Me 'n' Ruby and of course Tango

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Give us a break, and our dog walk

When is there going to be an end to this miserable weather, To-day was supposed to be sunny according to the weather forecast man last week, So bearing that in mind Sue, Nicky and I planned a nice walk with the dogs along the beach, what happens it was as grey as a novice's habit. and not too warm. 

Widget and Stroodle
However we went on our walk and dozens of others did the same, the beach was crowded, dog walkers galore. Nicky cried off at the last minute, as where she lives near Winchester way she said it was trying to sleet and none too pleasant, it's a 40 min drive from me, so we were one dog and one person down, But Sue and I soldiered on, first she went to pick up little Jasper from her Dad's flat, I've posted about him on here before, but I've put up his photo again. There was Widget who is a Huntaway X collie, Stroodle, who is a Staffie x Poodle, Tango working sheepdog and Ruby Border collie, Jasper is a Cairn Terrier.
The dogs had a smashing time, and it did Ruby the power of good being with all these dogs who were a bit nearer her size and breed, She'd been with Mittel Spitz for six years before she came to me. 
Sue's mobile phone rang and she thought it might have been from work where she is supervisor, answered it, Then I heard her say NO, Oh MY Goodness. where is he? Jasper was missing! Panic. Fortunately some people had spotted him running around frantically, caught him and read her mobile number on his collar, We were so busy gossiping we hadn't noticed he wasn't with us, however we backtracked and he was about 1/4 mile behind us. he was so happy when he heard Sue call . It was fortunate that she changed his ID disc, as her  Dad   would have had a heart attack if he'd got the phone call. But all's well that ends well, and we got home safe and sound with all six dogs. Us to a welcome plate of soup and rolls, and the dogs a nice biscuit, drink and a welcome sleep., 


  1. The dogs are adorable. I love the pictures!

  2. Thank GOD Jasper was safe and sound! You say that Sue's dad would have had a heart attack with the news and here I was reading about it and almost in a stroke. Whew, so glad he was safe. Arlene, these pics are all so good of such adorable dogs. I know that even with the crummy weather they still had a grand old time outside together. Can't say the same about the humans ;)
    I'm very glad to see you today! XOXOXO

  3. Sounds like the walk was sleet free and you humans and woffies had a good time. So glad Jasper was found, bet he was worried too. The dogs are so pretty.

  4. Hope you had a lovely weekend Arlene. Just love to read about your doggy tales. How many dogs do you have Arlene?
    Hugs Lady Jude

  5. Hi folks, well I made a choice just now,I've had an early lunch, so to either have a little snooze, or come on here, guess what won?
    Thanks for your comments and concern over JAsper. I don't think Sue could have gone home without him, phew, her dad would not have been too happy.
    I've got two dogs now Lady Jude, Tango my 13 yr old and Ruby my 8 yr old rescue. time was when I had three, a German Shepherd and two collies. I've started a blog on WP about my dogs past and present, but when I get the photos uploaded I'll copy it to here. for anyone who's interested in dogs.
    To-day was very cold, with what we call a lazy cruel wind, lazy because it goes through you rather than going round. But I was wrapped up well and didn't mind too much.

  6. That was scary for you I am so glad Jasper found you.Hope Tango and Ruby are well and Ruby settling in ok now Arlene. Is she still a little nervous or is she getting better now. Look forward to your blog on here take care xx Sheilaxx

  7. Hi Sheila, thanks for dropping in. Ruby is settling in nicely, just a little nervy is people stop and look at her especially if they're wearing a hat or hooded., normal in this weather! but she's doing \ok.


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