Ruby and Tango

Ruby and Tango
Me 'n' Ruby and of course Tango

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Is it spring?

When out walking the dogs to-day I saw a welcome sight, Catkins aka Lamb's Tails is this a good sign.
They're still quite fluffy, but there were lots of them. Shall I get excited, I was clearing the photos from my phone and came across the following, 
Me n tango

The Isle of Wight is just off out to the right 

Was it only three/four weeks ago?
Here's another couple just to finish off the batch
This was taken at the back end of the year

These are poisonous, but I find fungi interesting.

 I usually feed the gulls in the car park when i take the dogs out, they fly over when they see me get out of the car with something in my hand
This is just as you come out of the car park and walk down the path to the beach, Dorchester is way in the background, then Bournemouth in the near Background, the beach below is the one in the snow pictures

Today we had a good long walk up by the burial ground, I blogged about that on spaces, gone now. sob. 
We only saw one person so it was good for Ruby, it allowed her to have a good run off lead, It wasn't too bad a day, dry and windy,  it's helping dry the ground out, and does it need it, it's so muddy, |I spend all my free time washing dog's towels and blankets. oh well it won't last for ever, the catkins will lengthen and then the Pussy Willow will follow with primroses and daffodils, and so another season will start. 
I then went into a local shopping complex, just for a change of shops, It's Karen's [younger daughter] birthday 8th Feb, so I got a card for her, she's taken a shine to the twenties era and art deco, the card is in a nice art deco style also with some matching  notelets, well that's a start for her b'day anyway.
 I also bought [for me] a new little teapot as I like leaf tea, and a cute glass frog. , apart from these things, just some boring food shopping., but it made a nice change of scene.


  1. Catkins, very unique. I have never heard of them so we must not have them here in the US. I enjoyed your pics and the card is lovely.

  2. Spring is near......just around the corner....which corner I do not know but it has to be one of 'em! Loved the photos!

  3. I have never seen Catkins before; they DO look like little lambs' tails! I remember the photo of you and Tango in the snow and it happens to be my all time favorite of the 2 of you even if I can most certainly feel the chill in that air, brrrrr.
    Your walk sounded so nice and so peaceful. The photos were wonderful and they transport all of us right to the spot. I love it. Love YOU, too :D

  4. It looks freezing over there Arlene, We don't get snow here and it's like living in a oven today. Mind you I won't complain I prefer the heat to the cold.
    Have a lovely Sunday

  5. great seeing the differing weather photo's Arlene, especially the one showing Tango, absorbed in the snow... Such a recognisable stance, a 'border' stance I call it with tail straight down...I love to see the head down, slowly walking towards you, which they get from their almost natural instinct of sheep herding, I suppose. Gorgeous Tango!!
    and great too, to 'follow' you about, almost looking over your shoulder as you're all on your walk.(stalking? me? never!!) heh!!

    Fingers crossed here that Spring is sprung -ing... xx Pen 'n' Bess..xx

  6. Lovely Catkins Arlene there are many variety's it is I hope a good sign. Love the picture of you and Tango good shots all round . I was thinking that just the other day tea leaves ,so I got my little teapot out. Taste's so much better than the bags. Have a lovely day Hugs Sheilax

  7. Yes there are lots of different types of catkins,Sheila these were male Hazel catkins, I photographed some Larch ones to-day much longer and more yellow, In fact on looking up some detail I realized there are about 30 different species.
    I'm sure you must have similar in the states Jenny and Beth, Garry Elleptica is very similar.
    It hardly seems that these photos were only about 4/5 weeks ago, and yes Lady Jude it sure was cold.
    I thought I could hear heavy breathing behind me the other day, so it was YOU Pen! frightened the life out of me.

  8. I do prefer tea leaves to these horrible tea bags, especially when they're 'cooked' in the cup, it reminds of a dead mouse. I just love the ritual of warming the pot, and infusing the tea, and if possible drinking from a china cup with a saucer, no I'm not snobbish just feel that it tastes so much nicer.
    Actually Pen, Tango's not very sheepy, but Ruby is, and likes to do the round up stalk, as you say, lovely.
    Thanks all for your contribution.


  9. It's possible I guess for your Spring to come earlier, hope so after your big snow.
    Loved the photos again. The first flowers here will be buttercups, probably awhile off.

  10. Arlene, here in Canada, when we say white out we mean we can't see anymore that 5 feet in any direction. ;-)
    It's amazing the hear you say spring in January. Hear we still have 3 or 4 months to go before we see signs of spring.


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