Ruby and Tango

Ruby and Tango
Me 'n' Ruby and of course Tango

Sunday, 16 January 2011


Got up this morning around 7.30 am and thought, how am I going to fill to-day, it's grey, miserable, and not too warm,
Gave the dogs their breakfast , had a shower, dressed and made my breakfast .took dogs out, very lucky to-day again and didn't meet anyone up at the burial ground, so the dogs Ruby especially had a good free run,  Time for coffee when I returned, and put on computer I wanted to pull some old blogs from Live spaces to maybe put on Blogspot and WP, but when I logged in

my blog was gone, caput, empty, finis., maybe just maybe when I transferred it to my external drive, I can find it, but I''ve got so much stuff on there, I'll be lucky. Oh well, stood and looked out of the window for a while, and thought, what next.  Had an early lunch...lunch? if you can call a  packet of mushroom soup and a slice of bread lunch, ! well at least the bread was home made, says I smugly.
OK what to do next? I stood and looked out of the window, and thought to myself, 'the garden is looking very untidy'  Then just as a sign Gardeners Question time came on the radio! Right, that's it I said, Off to do some gardening..
So I piled in a few more clothes and sallied forth. and guess what? it started to drizzle ! but it was only light so I carried on and got about an hour and a half done, I planted some Lily of the Valley I was given some time ago,also cut down last years Buddliea, and Fennel, cleared out some geraniums, and old dahlias. I felt good when I came across some daffodil shoots in a tub. ...more signs of spring. 
It started to get dark early about 4 pm so |I then took the dogs for their walk.
Tango is getting so naughty, he found some fox poo and thought it would be a nice snack before dinner, dirty beggar, he got a sound telling off and put on the lead, his breath stank. You can go off your best friends easily.
As it was a local just round the corner walk,there were a few people out with their dogs so it was a case of  'dodge the dogs' with ||Ruby, but we got home with no problems.
Fed the dogs
Jumped in the shower and washed my hair,  got into my PJ's and thought about supper. which I wasn't going to have. [diet, remember?]
I decided on a grotty supper of a  microwave ready meal of Cottage pie, then consoled myself with a couple of choccie biscuits. the diet's on hold.
Opened the computer and started this little blog, sorry if it's boring folks, but as I said, Live  sp......
I'm going to have a Bailley's in a mo. watch the news and bed.


  1. I don't think your posts are boring at all. I like reading about different places.
    It is much to early to do any garden work here, probably not before the end of March. No foxes around here either. Smiling thinking of Tango sampling the fox poo.
    I admit to living on dinners that can be microwaved too.

  2. Odd that you mentioned a fox. Frankie heard a strange cry back in the treeline late last fall and puzzled over it until the next morning when she looked out the window and saw a foxtrotting across the backyard. Sam was still with us and just watched it go. I think he was a surprised as she was!

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed this post about a day in your life with Ruby and Tango. Tango was doing what comes naturally. I bet a lot of folks are looking for that first sign of Spring. It'll be here before we know it. Loved the daffodil animation.

  4. Do not mention Fox poo, argh...too late, Bess's ears have pricked up, she either loves to bathe in it, or tries, like Tango, to sample it as a taster before dinner. Maybe they should 'can' it? I'm sure loads of dogs would agree, fox poo is good for me!! NOT!! Yucky, I still 'fondly' remember a particular walk back with Bess, she was foul' smelling and looking but grinning like crazy...I'm sure she thought she smelled of Chanel No. Woof (x 5) !!!!
    Hope you find your lost blogs Arlene, and watch out for Lily of the Valley, it'll take over your garden if not confined...and I love the signs of spring you keep reporting, yaaay, come on Spring!! hugs 'n' you, Tango and Ruby...x Pen 'n' Bess x

  5. Arlene
    I don't think your blog was boring i thoroughly enjoyed it
    Where are those burial grounds are they just the other side of southampton ?
    and what a lovely day you had just bumming around doing what ever you felt like doing and why not
    Lo xxxxxxxx

  6. Well that was kind of you folks telling me it wasn't a boring blog, perhaps we live more interesting lives than we think.
    Lo, The Burial ground I go to, and where incidentally I will be a resident one day, is at Hinton near Walkford Dorset, it is an environmentally friendly which they call a Green Burial, one where there are no concrete markers etc.
    It's only since Tangos got older he is getting to be just like a dirty old man, with dirty habits., he'll be drooling next.
    That was quiet a nice animation Gr Gran, courtesy of Photobucket of course.
    They have got a very distinctive bark Chip, something between a cough and a harsh cry, quite un nerving when you're out in the woods, but tucked up in bed I quite like it, we get quite a lot of foxes from time to time,
    I like to keep a few 'easy' dinners in the freezer, just for these days when, although you're not exactly busy, you somehow just don't get round to cooking, though I've got a few cooked stuff in there too, the Cottage pie was just at the front.
    I hope I do find my lost blogs as when I was reading them last week I got quite carried away and was enjoying them and thought, I might give some another airing.
    I hope to do a good blogwalk tomorrow, as tonight is my night out, I'm sorry if I've neglected anyone of late, I don't mind anyone giving me a nudge and saying Hoi, remember me. honestly. as it's so easy to lose track now.

  7. Hey, I might be late getting here, but I'm always happy when I see you. Arlene, what on earth makes you think any of your blogs are boring? I look at our group's blogging sort of like having a conference call on the telephone or talking across the backyard fence, you know? Homey. Nice. Comfortable and good.
    Fox poo, huh. Oh joy. One of my dogs used to go after the cat poo in the litter box so I know what you mean. YUCKY. That same dog when he had to poo himself, would lift his leg over a low shrub, drop that poo right on top of the shrub and then slideeeeeee himself down the shrub like he was using it as toilet paper. The neighbors went crazy. It used to take me forever to clean all those shrubs.

  8. Great Post Arlene , dogs seem to love fox poo nutriants I suppose yak. No sign of my Daff's bulbs here yet, they are indeed a wonderful sight ot see. The thought of Spring cheers you up , it is a mess out in the garden this time of year. So you were very brave to get a start Arlene. Sounds like a good day for you , hope you find your blogs. Take care and thank you for your visit.Hugs to you and Tango and Ruby Hugs Sheila xx

  9. Oh Lord Jenny that was so funny, I can just imagine the neighbor's faces watching the dog 'wiping his a**' on the shrubs.
    Tango also has a penchant for cat poo. I have to put him on a lead now to just take him up the path to the car.
    I took a photo of my daff shoots I must post them Sheila. been busy doing other 'net' things but will be back on track soon, thanks for posts to bot of you too. Tango and Ruby have gone all warm and gofy over all the attention they get too. and send the same to Will-ee and Billy


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