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Ruby and Tango
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Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Just stuff

This blogging business is becoming hard work, and I don't like hard work,  however, on pondering of what might or might not interest you,little Ruby came over to nuzzle my hand, she just loves to love and be loved, 
Dogs ask for so little but give so much. I look down at her little face and wish she could tell me about her life and what she went through, was it an uncomfortable experience or just something that she went along with, I wonder if she compares her life now with before and feels safe and happier? who knows, but the serenity of acceptance is something I'd love to achieve. The human race is always wishing for things to be better in however many way.s, we never seem to be fully content with our lot, Wishing the wage packet to be higher, the bills to be lower is natural, but the wishing for a bigger house or a better car, prettier hair, longer legs is crying to the moon if you know they are unachievable, 
Shall I tell you what I've always yearned for?      a. to be taller, and b.. to be able to tolerate the cold. . I hate being 5'0" people don't take you seriously when you're small, you just don't have that 'commanding presence' so you make up for it, by either acting the clown, as I often do, and being a little bit 'mouthy' as  I sometimes am guilty of.
 As for the cold, I just hate the fact that every time the thermometer falls below 18 deg. I am miserable and just want to wrap up warm and hibernate. I go though winter looking like a  bag lady,  I have so many clothes on.
 Dogs don't have these silly problems, as I said , they just accept things.
Right now I've got things into a bit of perspective, A good friend of mine Chris, has had to have an eye removed as a tumour was discovered behind it .
AlsoI've just heard of another death,the third since Christmas, this time the husband of an old friend of mine.  Brian was a lovely, kindly and unassuming man, who helped me out at dog shows many times in the past, He and his wife Pearl, were a devoted couple. A couple of days previous another old dog friend passed on. Alan had been fighting a lung disease for a long time, contracted from working in the mines. Not long before that , Karina, another dog friend of many years standing succumbed to cancer, |She was a lovely lady and I mean lady, very  glamourus and always beautifully turned out, and blessed with a kindly nature. She did very well in dogs, having trained Obed and Working trials champions, competed and judged at Crufts dog show. That has been three since Christmas, is this a sign of a bad year?
 Though as you get on in years, it's to be expected that your peers will leave this world., making you wonder when it's your turn. :-(
Which brings me round full circle, that perhaps we shoud be moer like our dogs, cats and whatever pets we have, find contentment in what we have, and stop crying for the moon, we'll be up there among the stars soon enough.


  1. I enjoyed this post. I often wonder what Kassey's life was before we met at the shelter.Ruby, like Kassey, is grateful to have a good home. I figure you were tall. I'm short and 5'1. I know your thoughts on my age group checking out too. I have just reached another mile stone, 70 yrs. now. I'm sorry you've lost friends.
    I love your page. I need to perk up mine.

  2. Hi Arlene time goes by so quickly when you reach a certain age. Our pets bring so much joy to us my previous greyhound was 6 years when I brought her home from the shelter. She did indeed have a very cruel life before that. She was quite thin and very nervous , even picking up a newspaper made her flinch or a fly swat. We gave her a lovely warm and loving home and so happy she became. Best thing I ever did for her. They love you whether you are fat thin short or tall. Sorry you have lost friends Arlene this is very sad. Oh yes I think your page is very pretty to. Hugs Sheilaxx

  3. Thank you both for your posts on this and all others, I'm beginning to lose interest in blogging as so few visit and it rather makes it feel a waste of time. I probably won't completely give up, but I have lost that expectation of whose replied and what they've said any more. I do visit other blogs and leave comments, so can't be accused of not doing my bit. oh well, little discontented moan over.
    'prettying up' my blog is about the only pleasure I get from it lol.
    Poor Ruby is just coming into season now and has had a couple of accidents, I'm just keeping fingers xd that it's the hormones, and not going to be the norm.
    Isn't it interesting the impressions we get of people [gr gran thinking I was tall] I'm also a little bit older, 73, till August.
    Sheila, there is so much cruelty to animals in this world, I really could weep, and sometimes I have to give myself a good shake or I'm in a bit of a depressed state for a while. And as you say they love you regardless. I could gather them all up and take them to some animal paradise, silly old woman that I am.

  4. Silly not Arlene I would love to join you on that animal paradise.I figured you were tall to Arlene I'm 5 7" my sister is 5 2" .When I was eleven she was taller than me , then I just shot up at 12 years old.
    Going back to the animals I just love them to bits they bring soo much joy to our lives. Ruby bless her does that mean she hasn't been spayed , if thats the right term to use.
    Have a lovely day and hope to see you still here Arlene hugs and lots of warm wishes coming your way.Sheilaxx

  5. Hi Shiela, when I was a child I was nicknamed 'farthing-face' as I was so small, The farthing being the smallest coin in circulation. I kept hoping I'd shoot up, and that I'd have long hair! just as I said we're never
    No Ruby hasn't been spayed, but she will be as soon as she is able, as she's hadf three litters of puppies, bless her. To-day has been quiet but I was lucky to miss the rain, and it was milder.

  6. When we look at Buddy and find the many scars hidden beneath his double coast we find ourselves asking the same questions? Who could have mistreated such a beautiful, loving animal who only wants a little attention now and then? We know he's happy with us but we wonder if he compares life now to life before he arrived at the shelter. He's so grateful for a pat on the head, a small treat and especially his beloved tennis balls. I'll never understand some people.

    On a brighter note, Frankie used to be 5' but she's shrunk to 4'11" so she'd be looking up to you stood side by side! She often tells of the time her stepfather took her to register for high school in a new town and was told "Sir, the elementary school is down the street." Frankie was 14 but looks to be 8 or 9 in class pictures that year.

  7. HI Arlene,
    I think any size is the right size...whatever you are that's it...perfick for you 'cos you fit your skin!! Mind you, saying that, IF I was taller...say 6ft it'd stretch me out and I'd be extra thin...then I could eat as many choccies as I'd like, Maybe?? Maybe not!!
    Bess sends her usual 'woofs' to you, Tango and Ruby, and hugs to you all from me...xx

  8. Haaa, haaa, loved it Pen loved it, I've got 5 boxes of chocs from Christmas sitting here, so if you do stretch, come on over and help me eat them. Tango and Ruby would maybe share their goodies with Bess, I said maybe! but they send her hugs.
    I'd be happy to meet Frankie, Chip, it's not often I get to look down on someone. When I was having my first girl, the doctro muttered about the disgrace of young girls having babies, he thought I was 16, I was 21!
    Buddy, like Ruby, has fallen on his feet, I just wish we could do it for them all.

  9. I really liked this post, Arlene; it was SO thoughtful. I know what you mean about friends passing on as I lost 4 in 2010. Who knew? I always thought we'd all go on forever -- well, that was my preferred thought anyway.
    You are right in saying we should all be more like our animals, and that goes for pets as well as for the wild. There's a lot to be said for simplicity.
    Now, as for you getting tired of blogging or thinking you don't have enough comments? What? Are you serious? Don't you know that old saying about "it's not the size that counts". Don't you dare quit, Arlene; I'd miss you! XOXOXO
    (and here I am starting a 2nd blog for my cats. It's not running at full speed yet, but I'll give it a lot of time. Drop by if you get the chance -- )

  10. Hi Jenny, bless you, you always come up trumps for me and I know I shouldn't complain about comments as you are jolly right , mine are full content comments not just a salutary 'that was nice' so husha yo mouf Arlene.
    I doubt if I would give up blogging really I enjoy it but when this weather improves It'll be a contest between this and the outdoors.
    Jenny You fancied some Bailleys How about some nice Bailley liquers? I've got a box of them too.
    I will pop along and check out your Lucy's blog.


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