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Ruby and Tango
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Thursday, 13 January 2011

Just stuff

Well having a rant  is is more like, hang on I've not got a glass of Bailleys in my hand.
Ah that's more like it.I could get used to this stuff.   I digress. first I got rid of my snowflakes from my blog, hoping it will be  sign to the weather gods that it's not winter any more.  The weather is now dank and dreary, foggy with a fine 'smirr'  A Scottish word for fine rain that you get with fog. You can't see it, but you still get wet., the dogs get wet twice daily now on our walks, and I'm fed up with washing and drying their  towels and bedding.sigh.
Ruby is coming into season and is becoming interesting to the dogs, Taking her for a walk is a bit of a hide and seek adventure. dodging the dogs it's called. I walk up at the Burial ground where the fertility tree is, and no, I don't go up to get a cheap thrill from it. tut, how could you think it. |It's fairly deserted up there and I can see a good distance all round. It's a nice walk till they plant it, the farmer sows the wheat , barley, sweet corn and whatever right to the edges and you can't walk all round. , but it suits me right now.
|I started to watch the programme about the human race to-night, about how wonderful and versatile we are, till they started to show some men who were going to spear a whale, oh no -  I can't watch that, so I switched,  the programme I landed on was about the pilot who got sucked out of a plane, and was clinging on till it landed, what a horror story, and he actually lived.
The news has just come on and apart from the floods in Australia the scenes of the other floods in Brazil, a poor woman hanging on to her dog was winched to safety,but unfortunately the dog got swept away, the woman was screaming for it, it makes me so sad as sometimes  it's about all these people have.
Also it makes me very seriously ask, is there a God, ? I know what my thoughts are, but I'm not going to upset people by stating them.
I saw in the papers that Spain was stopping showing Bullfighting on TV before 9 pm, that's a start, let's hope they will learn some compassion and stop the whole dirty cowardly business, it makes me and many decent people sick,  it's on a par with fox hunting and badger baiting.
 I'd better stop now or I'll get myself into a storm of rants, not good at bedtime. Just about finished my Bailleys, good it was, cheers,


  1. Hi, Arlene, does this mean we may get to see some new puppies?
    I'd look away too if they were spearing a whale.
    You page is Springy with the little birds, looking nice.

  2. I'm with you about the bull fighting and fox hunts, etc. BARBERIC! Makes me sick and I could get on a rant that would make some toes curl.
    Arlene, your page is looking good. I'm getting ready to change mine once again and it seems I change it a lot when I'm around the computer.
    Have to ask you a question about Ruby. Will she not be spayed? Do you not believe in that? Some do, some don't, just wondering.
    PS/ I want that Baileys. Really want it.

  3. I get fired up when it comes to people mistreating animals. If the bull fighters wanted a good fight let's see them take on a Cape Buffalo or maybe a rhino. The fight wouldn't be so one sided.
    Cheer up, girl, spring is just 66 days away and, as my old buddy Shaun O'Neill liked to say, "All will be lilacs and roses!"

  4. Hi all, No way will there be puppies, Gr Gran, and Yes Jenny I do believe in speying, always have had mine done male and female, Ruby will be done as soon as she's between seasons around March.
    I love changing my page, and can spend far too long looking through all the backgrounds. thank you for noticing and complimenting, I should get a life as they say. lol
    Good idea Chip and without the picadors doing their dirty work beforehand.
    Roll on spring 66 and counting.

  5. Ha ha Arlene the rant you go ahead and have a rant if you want one anyway it's a good exuse to have another bailys or 3 mmmmm
    Spring is coming

  6. The spring is sprung, the grass is riz, I wonder where the birdies is? They say the bird is on the wing, but that's absurd, because the wing is on the bird.


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