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Ruby and Tango
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Monday, 21 March 2011

Flowers and a Butterfly

Yesterday was such a beautiful day I thought I’d take a few pics of my camellia flowers, Now they’re not any better than anyone else’s flowers,but they’re mine, and also I want to try and paint them for a change from dogs.

Also I remembered to take the camera and captured the daffodils that grow in patches along the cliffs above the beach.

Also a  pic of some of my little daffs that grow round the old beech stump.


PLUS a lovely sighting of a butterfly who obligingly sat on the gorse long enough for me to take a pic, It’s not a very good one as I was shaking a bit trying to balance to get close enough without crashing into the gorse, ouch !

butterfly on gorse blurredbutterfly on gorse

I’m not sure what the butterfly is, maybe a comma, but I’ll look it up later


  1. Morning Arlene those Camellias are beautiful , yes I can see you painting this one so pretty. That was a lovely walk love the carpet aof daffodils. Hope you Tango , Ruby have a lovely Monday xSheilax

  2. The Camellias are gorgeous. The photos are all so beautiful and makes me think Spring really is here fianally! Loved your spring is sprung verse. :-)

  3. Thank you ladies for your visit, where would I be without you? I might not show off my painting, whew I don't usually do flowers, wish I hadn't mentioned it, but WHEN I get time I'm having a go.
    We're having a nice Monday so far,nice long walk , lunch then a bit of gentle gardening. lol
    glad you liked my [well not really] version of Spring is sprung. we used to recite it at school.
    The butterfly is a Comma, nothing rare, usually the Brimstone is the first I see, but it's more a woodland creature.

  4. This lovely Camelia looks do much like a rose, just beautiful. You'll do that Camelia justice in a painting. It'll be lovely too, I think. The other photos are really nice. A walk like this would put a spring in anyone's step.
    Wishing you, Tango and Ruby a fun day.

  5. A beautiful Camellia Arlene, I rushed went Comments at WLS Well they said "Comments aren't enabled for this item.
    but I enjoy to seen in slide show.
    Enjoy your garden.

  6. Thank you Anne and Michiko, though i can't understand why Comments couldn't be accepted I must investigate!

  7. Hi Arlene, I think your Camelias are beautifull.

  8. Thank you Horst, I think they are such perfect flowers, symmetry, colour and beauty.


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