Ruby and Tango

Ruby and Tango
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Sunday, 20 March 2011

Taking a break

It’s such a beautiful day here to-day, I had an extra long walk down the beach after a good house clean up session and some boring food shopping.

In the supermarket to-day, I was hanging around the cake counter Thinking smilewondering whether or not I should give way to temptation, I did, and picked up a box of two apple and cream doughnuts. MMMMmm, a lady beside me was smiling, and I said, I know I shouldn’t but I can’t resist them “Quite right, my dear, “she said, “life’s to short” I looked at her, she was about 130 and thought ‘cripes’ if you think that, a hell of a lot of us are going to be disappointed’ Horrible person

that I am.Devil

But I’ve eaten one cake so I don’t feel at all bad.Angel

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  1. Only two doughnuts? I would have probably bought a dozen. LOL I think you must surely walk the calories off when you take the dogs out.


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