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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

A little bit of anger here


I started out to make this a gardening blog in reply to Sheila’s post, but i am getting a bit worried, Let me explain, A girl friend suggested on Monday I come to her place for lunch/tea, I said yeah good, as she had another appointment at noon she’d call me as soon as she was through, it is now almost 2.30, I’m wondering if she's remembered , if she doesn't phone by three i'll take it the date’s off.

Right, I started gardening last week as the weather here has taken a nice turn for the better, i had gone to market and picked up three shrubs, a Vibirnum ‘Eve Price’ with nice big pink flowers made up of florets, A Hebe, with lilac racemes, and a Daphne Odarata, which smells gorgeous when in flower, I put them in the ground on Saturday.

I have got my potatoes, lettuce and tomatoes waiting to go in , Also bought some new dahlias both cactus and pom-pom,, not too tall as I’m not a lover of the giant species, nice medium sized which are just right for cutting.

There are still a few stray oak leaves waiting to be swept up and composted. Talking of compost, every year I get a small crop of potatoes  from mine, as they regenerate from the peelings that I put on . If it’s free, it tastes all the better is my motto.

However I’ve just had a phone call to say my friend is on her way home so I’ll eat humble pie, just a small portion and go. Tomorrow …….the garden, yes! as I’m going out with Sue and all our dogs on Friday.


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  1. Enjoy your lunch, late as it is.
    Your garden sounds very nice! I miss not having room for a garden.

  2. Thanks Beth I just hope the weather stays kind for me.

  3. Gosh you sure do know the names of your plants Arlene clever stick you are. Hope you are manging to get time out there in the garden making a start. Weather is lovely infact it's been a lovely week,hope you crack on ok. Have fun on Friday with Sue and the little darlings Hugs to you Tango and Ruby. xx


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