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Ruby and Tango
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Friday, 4 March 2011

Reply to comments and other stuff.

Hello Beth and Sheila, where would I be without you two ladies, I am grateful for your loyalty.
Anyhow            The kitchen isn't finished yet ! I had the chap come up this morning to measure for the bay window, to be fitted 17th March, To-morrow the final cupboard is being fitted, it's a glass fronted one and it had to be ordered as it was an afterthought, after the window goes in my son in law will decorate, he is a P&D so it will be a good job, then some new carpet, then hopefully that will be IT!
I had a nice walk this morning and have bookmarked a nice clump of daffodils on the cliff path, they are still in bud but are a lovely sight when they bloom with the sea behind, I'll keep taking the camera till I get the right shot.
The weather is still sunny but the wind chill is Siberian, though once you come off the cliff top and drop down on to the paths and the gorse it's sheltered and pleasanter. Tonight it wasn't too bad., quite enjoyable in fact.
It's one of my grand-daughter's 18th Birthday Sunday, so that will be Sunday taken care of, all day buffet, there's also a Saturday evening meal, but as I've got the kitchen being done I'm opting for Sunday.
I must remember the camera and take some shots.
I've been struggling with a painting for the past week, hopefully it's almost finished. Here it is. The colour has been difficult. I'm just hoping it's right.


  1. Thank you for the update!!
    The painting is beautiful!!!

  2. Thanks Beth, I hope the recipient thinks so.

  3. The painting is beautiful!
    It is a lovely 18 years of you Granddaughter's birthday and you must be very busy time for you.

    The WLS is closing down 16th March that I had noticed in my email, I had few photos and not much you can do either?
    I still likes WLS it is easy for me to handle it.

    Have a nice day!

  4. Thank you Michiko for your compliment.
    I did see that WLS is closing shortly, I hope you get any photos off I too found it easier in WLS, people were all in one place.


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