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Ruby and Tango
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Friday, 18 March 2011


One horrible nasty day, so I’m having a moan,  I just couldn’t unwind last night, so took a half sleeping pill and set the alarm for 6.30 am was still wide awake at 1.oo am.  When the alarm went off it took me a while to get going I felt so sleepy. Looked out of the window, and Oh No, it was  raining. damn, damn, damn, I wonder if he’ll cancel the window, but no, so I did what I had to do and he turned up on schedule 8 am. by  9.15 I was off out with dogs and after popping into the P.Office I picked up Barney and went walking. The rain got steadily worse. till it was a heavy persistent drizzle.  When we finished our walk around 11.30 and dropped Barney home, by this time we were soaked. , which meant my plans for going into the Shopping Centre were kaput, as I couldn’t let the dogs sit in the car soaking wet , so I took them back home, dried them off  and left them on their fluffies with water and biscuits in the conservatory, The poor workmen were doing their best under a makeshift tarpaulin putting in the window. I felt a bit guilty but I quickly changed and disappeared off to the pub/restaurant for a meal. I had a large pork chop, chips roast potatoes, ratatouille, sweetcorn and peas washed down with an orange squash, for under £6, not bad eh? I sat till it was time to go to my friend Avril, she was looking after her elderly parents or I’d have gone for lunch.  I was there for about an hour and got a phone call to say they were finished it was almost 3 pm, I was cold and tired. Anyhow I got home and surveyed the work, and was pleased , and guess what? the rain stopped. Here’s the photos of before and after, I'll be glad when the decorating’s done and I have a new carpet and blinds. Thanks for your interest everyone.

old window  this was taken at night
new windowand this was in the day


  1. I really like the new window. What a lovely place to put potted plants.
    I could never go walking in the pouring rain. You are really a brave lady.

  2. Lovely little window Arlene what plany would you be puting there I wonder.So much more light to looks snazzy. Lunch sounds tasty wish I'd been with you. Xsheilax


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