Ruby and Tango

Ruby and Tango
Me 'n' Ruby and of course Tango

Sunday, 29 May 2011


Hi all and thanks for visiting and comments,
I hope we get a little bit of that heatwave Beth, could do with it.
Sheila I'm sorry you've lost your budgie, I sometimes think about getting another but I keep hearing the mantra, 'A bird in a cage sends Heaven in a rage' Though if I remember right it was to do with a Robin. maybe someone will correct me.
I think your Budgie was about average age but I have heard of them living much longer.
I'm attaching some photos of my little lot, I did not too bad and won a few prizes, but the competition wasn't huge.
The first one was my canary Rodney.


Newly hatched

Thank you for visiting and please come back, Arlene, Tango and Ruby


  1. Your Buggies were cute. I have never had a pet bird although I think it would be fun to have one.

    Sending some heat over the pond to you, get ready to catch it.

  2. Oh how lovely Arlene my Budgie gave me hours of laughter as he talked and repeated what I said. I just love yours thank you very much . I have a little canary she is looking very broody hugs take care Sheila and Wile-e xxx

  3. Hi Beth, I think you meant my Budgies. LOL They can be fun and if you're lucky they can be taught to say all sorts, but it has to be a male bird.
    I'm reaching with both hands to try and catch the sunshine. Thanks.
    Hi Sheila, how lucky to have a budgie that talked, as mine were in an aviary they didn't as they have to be on their own. I do love canaries, especially the Rollers, their song is magic.
    I think Tango and Ruby would like a bird. hmmmm
    hugs to dear Wile-e

  4. Arlene, people around here call Goldfinches wild canaries and we have loads but I've never had a pet bird. Wanted one when I was a kid but when my hamsters escaped and went on a mating binge somewhere under the house Mom put her foot down and outlawed any pets smaller than a dog....and at least a medium sized dog at that. Tragic really because my siblings and I had loads of fun watching the wild hamsters scare the bejesus out of Mom whenever they made a food raid.

  5. Hi Chip, your post made me laugh, thinking of the hamsters shouting Boo everytime your Mom came out to hang out washing or what. LOL you had the last laugh then.

  6. Hi Arlene what do you think do you think it's better to make sure when buying a Budgie that it's finger tame. Otherwise you can't let them have a little fly in a secure room of course. As a daily exercise appreciate your view on this Thank you Hugs Sheila ..and of course Wile-e hope you are well and the Gals are being good. :)

  7. Hi Sheila, If you can get a budgie that's been finger trained you're lucky, but if you get them young enough you can train it yourself, but like all creatures, they have got to want to come back, and it's usually done with tempting with food and they can be trained to a sound. Saying that though, like dogs there are some that are easier to train than others, I certainly wouldn't let it out of the cage till it was hopping on to your finger 'on command' while your hand was still in the cage, The way to get them on to your finger is to stroke the breast downward all the time makeing a tttt noise, and when you get to the top of the legs press in and the bird should jump on to your finger, say good boy and give a treat .

  8. Thank you Arlene if I ever get another Budgie I will try this, it is hard to find finger tamed birds. Thank you xx


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