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Ruby and Tango
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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

I was assaulted last night

Bet that title got your attention, but calm down, it was not my body as such but my ears.
I mentioned that my family were taking me to see Pirates of the Caribbean, part four. I was a little apprehensive about it as the reviews  weren’t wonderful, but if you just take it
with a pinch of salt, [not hard with all the sea water] and just enjoy the graphics and sheer cornyness , it’s passable, If it wasn’t for the delectable,funny,sexy,corny,handsome Johnny Depp, it wouldn’t have been much worth watching.
The mermaid scene was brilliant, I thought anyhow.
Now then to get back to the title, I haven’t been to the cinema for years, and I mean years, I think it was the Towering Inferno. LOL and they allowed smoking.
To be correct , a couple of weeks ago I did go to our little local cinema in Christchurch to see The King’s speech, a truly brilliant film, with the cleverest casting. The cinema was very little, not tlike what I went to yesterday, at the Tower Poole, and, according to Lisa my g/daughter, it’s not the biggest there. I went into this huge area the size of an aircraft hangar, with a screen the taking up almost the whole of one side. The seat was like an armchair, an das you pushed your head back it tilted, cor, luxury, oh and it had a little holder for your cup.
BUT, when it started, I nearly jumped out of my seat, it was so loud, commencing with trailers for several animated type films, with things flying all over the screen, balls of fire and great plane crashes, cripes, every noise was louder than the one before.
My family thought it was amusing to see their poor old Mum/Nan jumping every time her ears were assaulted.
It was an experience, and I must say I enjoyed the whole experience, plus the obligatory pop corn.
And yes Pen,  I did blow JD a kiss with your name on it, and I swear he sent one back xxxx  catch.Bu**er you missed, I didn’t  Smile with tongue out
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  1. I knew while I was reading this that you would mention Pen. LOL Johnny Depp is a cutie pie.

    The last movie I went to I just about bounced off the wall the sound was so loud.

  2. Can't remember the last time I went to see a flick in a theater.I know it was before Frankie and I were married which was 23 years ago this August. With Sat TV and DVD's for $1 a day at Redbox we do all our movie watching at home. The movies that really set me off are the ones where the dialogue is so quiet that you have to crank the volume up to follow the plot and as soon as you do they set off an explosion that blows your ear drums out.

  3. Thanks Beth and Chip for your visit. yes I couldn't resist having a gentle dig at Pen, and she replied on the WP blog, hee hee, she was green.
    The girls did warn me about the sound, can't understand why it has to be. and I do agree Chip there's plenty of entertainment around without cinema, though it's a nice change.

  4. I remember the last time I went to the Cinema it was very load .... I think the kids love it though . Glad you enjoyed the movie and you weren't disappointed , that Cinema sounds amazing wow. Hugs Sheila and Wile-exx

  5. Stadium seating! Bigger, better, armrests that raise up so you can have more space (with people you know). Next you'll have to try IMAX in 3-D with THX surround sound.


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