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Ruby and Tango
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Sunday, 8 May 2011

Thanks for comments

Hi folks thanks to Horst, Beth, Wifie and Sheila for comments and concerns for Ruby, She is much happier to-day as the weather has settled , she obviously is worried about the thunder, not as bad as my Whisper was, poor girl was an absolute nervous wreck during storms, also fireworks, it was a relief when she went deaf. it is a shame when they get so worried Sheila, you can't help but feel for them.
Wifie, I'm tired and I haven't done any really hard work.

Well the walls are papered and the painting is done,but the place is a mess, it'll have to stay that way till I'm ready to sort it. as tomorrow morning I've got the optician.
 I have to get different blinds as the ones I got were cobalt blue, and the blue in the paper is turquoise., though I might settle for venetian blinds, so when I get that sorted I'll take some photos.
I haven't been too much of a lazy bones while Martin's been busy, I've caught up with gardening chores, cleaning out and tidying two sheds, planted tomatoes and a large sage in a pot. I'm patting myself on the  back,
Hope you've all had a good Week-end.

Thank you for visiting and please come back, Arlene, Tango and Ruby


  1. I am glad Ruby is better! I was reading this somewhere the other day, can't remember where, that the reason that dogs are bothered by storms is because of the static electricity in the air during a storm. It said to rub their coats with a dryer softener sheet, that it would remove the static electricity from their coats. Use only the unscented kind. For what it's worth, I have no idea if it is reasonable or would work.

  2. Hi Arlene
    Sorry to hear Ruby is not good ...hope she is better now

    Sorry I have not been in for a while but things have not been good here

    Glad the weather there is good it has been bloody awful here considering this is the canary islands and meant to be hot hot hot
    Everyone here is talking about it because it is so unusual

    Love as always
    Lo xxxx

  3. Good to hear that Arlene poor Ruby glad she is feeling better now. Oh I am looking forward to seeing your new wallpaper :) Sheila xx

  4. Don't know what I'm doing wrong. First I discover that suddenly I'm posting blogs twice, now I find out comments are disappearing. Maybe I've pulled the Microsoft dragon's tail once too often and they're taking their revenge.

  5. Hi Arlene thank you for your visit , so your kitchen is almost finished . Don't forget to show us the finished result , carpet and all. Hope the two gals are well and yourself Hugs Sheila :) xx


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