Ruby and Tango

Ruby and Tango
Me 'n' Ruby and of course Tango

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Ruby etc. part 2

Thanks for your feedback Sheila and Beth, much appreciated. and yes I did feel £15 a roll was pricey. I’ve attached pics of the kitchen after Martin had done the prepping, painted ceiling and such, hopefully the paper will be up tomorrow.


Now to Ruby, I said yesterday it had started to rain, we also had thunder and lightening, LightningShe didn’t appear to be too worried, but when it came to ‘get busy’ time before bed, she wouldn’t go outside.

I eventually had to leave her and let her go to bed, next morning, she wouldn’t get up, and I had to tip her out of her bed., she was reluctant to go out again, and wouldn’t eat her breakfast,

Fortunately the rain eased off and we went off out and she ‘performed’ but when we came back still wouldn’t eat,

I spent the afternoon with both dogs in the little summerhouse, painting, she did eat her food this evening, and is again fast asleep.Sleepy smile Tango has been very good with her.

It’s been raining heavy again, we just got back from our walk before the heavens opened. It’s a welcome relief and let’s hope it puts out the devastating fires of the past few days.


  1. Let's hope Ruby is back to her old self tomorrow.

  2. I am with Horst in hoping that Ruby will be feeling so much better tomorrow.

    Your kitchen is going to be lovely when finished.

  3. I'm tired just from looking at the pictures. But it'll be worth it. Hope Ruby is better.

  4. Hope dear Ruby feels better very soon Arelene , how does she cope with thunder I was wondering sometimes it up sets dogs. It upset my previous Lady greyhound she just hated it. Look forward to seeing your finished kitchen oh how exciting. Take care enjoy your Sunday Hugs Sheila x


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