Ruby and Tango

Ruby and Tango
Me 'n' Ruby and of course Tango

Friday, 6 May 2011

Ruby Etc.

Just a little update on Ruby.

Her operation went well, I dropped her off at the vet at 8,30am and they phoned me 10.30 to say she had been done!, and to phone between 1 and 2 pm, I did and picked her up at 2.30.

She was a bit dis-oriented but soon came back to normal. SmileThumbs up

She enjoyed a couple of chicken ‘n’ rice meals and gentle walks .BowlTurtle

Went to the vet for her post op check op and he was pleased with her, another 9 days on lead walking and she’ll be fully functioning as before, but with no hassle of seasons or puppies.

While typing this I can hear a strange sound outside,  I glance out of the window, and see raindrops glistening through the dark panes, good, that will save me watering the garden or cleaning the car to-morrow, just hope it doesn’t last too long, Storm cloud Umbrella

Oh before I forget,my son in law is coming over to-morrow to decorate the kitchen.School bus

I went out yesterday to buy the wallpaper, I went into a proper decorator shop in New Milton and was confronted with an absolute library of books, yikes I haven’t got time to go through that lot.

I whittled down to four to plough through, School

I  only found one I could see that was remotely what I wanted at £15 per roll, OK I only wanted three rolls, but felt it was a bit pricey as it wasn’t 100% what I wanted, so I went to the local B&Q store, and though they didn’t have the amount of stock but I felt it was better that way, not so confusing. Confused smile

I had a browse around and spotted a couple I could live with, then spotted the ‘clearance bin’ and had a quick shuftie, well, well, I picked up pretty much what I wanted at £3 a roll, and believe it or not, they had three matching rolls! YES! When I took them to the checkout, I was asked for £6, as the current offer of three for two also applied, Now how lucky is that. ?Fingers crossed

Now I wonder how lucky I might be with the carpet……………Thinking smile


  1. Oh wonderful news on Ruby good she is eating ok . You struck lucky with your wallpaper I must say Arlene you must take a picture of the finished project. I think 15 pounds a roll is a bit much so well done. Enjoy your weekend and your helping hand with the decorating. Hugs to you and your gals. Sheila :) xx

  2. I am so glad that Ruby is doing well!!
    I will be waiting to see a pic of your kitchen when it is finished!


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