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Ruby and Tango
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Sunday, 24 July 2011

To say Hi.

Hello folks here I am as I’d said, Thanks to all who have wished me well, This frozen shoulder is no joke

When I first  experienced the pain I thought it was R.S.I. due to sitting awkwardly typing with  my laptop. I had to go to the doctor for an unrelated condition and mentioned it to him, but he didn’t think it was,  he gave my arm some manipulation, gave me tablets and made an appointment for the physiotherapist, plus an X-Ray, I had the X Ray couple of weeks ago and have physio 10th August. It feels a bit easier through resting it, but I do think that the awkward way I sit using a laptop doesn’t help. I took advantage of the enforced PC rest to send my tower PC off to be mended, it had 40+ malware gremlins, and an almost flat internal battery.

Karen came over yesterday and took me for lunch and tea, we had a good day shopping and gossiping, Arlene came over to-day and we went for a light lunch, no shopping  though.

here are a few pics of to-day’s walk,

wheatsheafThis is the pub we went to yesterday for lunch ‘The Wheatsheaf’  at Old Milton.old milton greenThis is Old Milton Green opposite, the cottage is thatched, very old and is now an estate agents, but is reputed to be haunted by a farmer/shepherd type man sitting on a seat with a dog at his feet, I haven’t had the courage to go and see if it’s true

Mary mag churchThis is the old church alongside the Wheatsheaf, when I took the picture this morning, the bells were ringing calling worshippers to prayer.

graveyardThis is the old part of the graveyard in the church.1819 this was about the oldest I could decipher 1819

baby's graveThis is so sad, there were more but this was the clearest to read. neglectmany were completely in ruins

his n hersOn a lighter not Could this be His n Hers? sorry!

That’s it for now folks, nothing interesting has happened as you can gather, I hope to go blog visiting asap, till then God bless and keep smiling.


  1. Rest that shoulder and get better soon, Arlene. Pats to for the pups.

  2. Those are great pictures Arlene. I love looking around in old grave yards.

    Take care of yourself! Hope your shoulder gets better.

  3. There are probably a few Wheatsheaf Inns in the whole of Britain. However, on the chance you're at the one in Kent, I've been there! If it's not the one in Kent, oh well. It's like asking, since you're from Scotland, if you know Ewan McGregor.

  4. Hope your shoulder heals very soon and they can do something to help with the pain until it is all fixed up again.

    I love to visit cemeteries. Nice pictures. Hugs

  5. Hey, I finally got over here too. Love your joke page. The pictures are awesome. As long as the ghost just sits there I double you have to worry about anything ;). Hope your arm get better quickly.

  6. Oh Sorry to hear about your Shoulder Arlene I hope you are feeling better now. As you have guessed I've been away visiting my sister. So just catching up onwards to the next post ...xx


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